We champion publicly engaged scholarship.

Discovery is at the heart of the university. We value and support a range of scholarly and creative activity broadly defined: Discovery, integration, application, and teaching and learning. Our focus on engaged scholarship bridges the gap between theory and practice. Involving students in the scholarship of the institution enriches their experience and gives our work relevance beyond our disciplines. Publicly engaged scholarship builds on mutually beneficial partnerships and creates positive impacts beyond the campus and academy, connecting the South Sound with the world at large.

Define Engagement Scholarship

In order to champion publicly engaged scholarship we must define what we mean. This initiative intends to define engagement scholarship at UW Tacoma.

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Support Faculty Research and Teaching Development

A workgroup will evaluate faculty development efforts in research, teaching, leadership and community engagement across UW Tacoma and recommend strategies for strengthening their organization and impact.

Align P&T Guidelines with Mission

Faculty in each unit will consider (1) the inclusion of community engagement and related scholarly work in their unit-level promotion and tenure guidelines, and (2) overall alignment of promotion and tenure guidelines with the mission and strategic plan of UW Tacoma. (for both lecturer and tenure-track promotions)

Developing Infrastructure for Research

We will develop a Research Advisory Council to serve as research advocates, guide policy, and provide input to the Office of Research and Academic Affairs in building the infrastructure necessary to support the scholarly work of faculty.

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Community Engagement Journals

In order to support our public scholarship, we will create and maintain a database of journals that publish community engagement/public scholarship articles. These journals will be indexed and made available to our faculty to raise awareness of options for publishing.

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