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Book the Global Innovation and Design Lab

The Global Innovation and Design Lab is a space for campus and community design thinking workshops with expert facilitation provided through the iterative phases of need finding, ideation, prototyping, and testing. We work collaboratively with teams across academia and industry to tackle and solve problems.

If you are a campus partner, we ask that you submit your request for the space via 25Live.

Use of the lab is restricted to design thinking activities and offers flexible seating, whiteboards, computer/AV equipment, and prototyping materials. The space seats a max of 25. Rental fees apply except for UW Tacoma Students. Permission to serve food and beverages must be obtained prior to use of the space.

The Global Innovation and Design Lab is committed to the values of inclusion and access. We consider petitions based on financial need for:
  • GID Lab pro bono workshops and
  • Waiver of Lab booking fee
If you wish to be considered for such an opportunity, please complete this form.
Time needed for setup?
Time needed for takedown?
Will food be served?
Is catering needed?
Other Needs