ITS Student Testimonial - Roberto Sanchez

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Roberto Sanchez, TCFP (IT Career Foundation Program), Boeing

Getting admitted to University of Washington had been my goal since high school. Prior to attending UWT, I obtained my Associate of Arts while completing my pre-requisites for admission. Once I was admitted into UWT, I began pursuing a career in Computer Science. I later realized that Computer Science was not the best career path for me so I decided to switch majors. This was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Being an IT major opened up so many opportunities for me and in the process expanded my knowledge of different areas of technology. The hands-on approach of this program allowed me to hone my IT skills. Roughly a year later, I was contacted by Boeing for an opportunity to re-design an intranet website. A month before the end of my internship, I was offered an entry-level position with the same group, and since then I have been admitted into the ITCFP (IT Career Foundation Program) which will begin after my graduation. This year I was also able to be part of the PRCCDC (Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition); the competition sparked my drive to increase my knowledge of Cyber Security techniques.
My journey at UWT--although seemingly short--has been filled with a plethora of great memories. Every journey must come to an end and I hope that others will be just as blessed as I was when pursuing a career at UWT. There are no mistakes in life, simply lessons learned.