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Data Fellows at UW Tacoma

In 2017, the Office of Institutional Research created the Data Fellows Initiative to provide in-unit access to institutional data using a team-based community of practice distributed throughout campus. UW Tacoma Institutional Research (UWT IR), with the support of the Office of Academic Affairs, created this initiative to meet the increasing need for programs and departments to access the data needed to evaluate student progress and success, track and measure program growth, and answer basic institutional data questions. Each cohort of Fellows come together over the course of a year in an intensive “boot camp-style” examination of the current data stores and tools available. Fellows then bring these skill and knowledge back to their units to support strategic decision-making.

Some resources explored include:

  • The diverse public reports and surveys openly available on the UW Tacoma IR Data and Reports page
  • UW Profiles and the UW BI Portal
  • UW Tacoma's IR/IT locally built, dynamic data reports
  • Microsoft's Power Pivot or Power BI software to explore raw data inquiries using IR’s historical datasets

Additionally, supplemental skill development opportunities will be available to advanced data analysis, data reporting standards,
and data visualization skills.

At the end of the workshop, after successful completion of all parts, each participant is added to the Data Fellows and receive access to additional UWT data and become a member of the UW Tacoma Data Governance initiative.

During their 3-year residency as a Fellow, ongoing development opportunities will be provided, including available external professional development opportunities for further professional development of unit-based teams.

Over time, with a growing community of trained and certified Data Fellows, the campus will be better able to seek out and leverage data in support of our students and to implement and evaluate strategic and agile innovations.

Current Data Fellows

When you can't find it, UW Tacoma Data Fellows, working within the units, are there to help. Here is a list of current, active Data Fellow contacts and the units they support.

Data Fellow (Cohort) Support Unit
Bonnie Becker (2017)
Tammy Jez (2019)
Academic Affairs
John Burkhardt (2019) Advancement
Joe Lawless (2019) Chancellor, Office of
Julia Smith (2017) Community Partnerships, Office of
Eduardo Armijo (2017) Education, School of
Victoria Hill (2018)
Marisa Mezs (2019)
Financial Aid, Office of
Akane Yamaguchi (2017) Global Affairs, Office of

Gabi Crosby (2017)

Curtis Black (2017)

DC Grant (2017)

Elizabeth Jeffrey (2018)

Joel Larson (2017)

David Ross (2017)

Engineering and Technology, School of
Brandon Fortner (2018)
Bill Fritz (2018)
Information Technology
Andrew Chamberlain (2019)
Alice Few (Instructor)
Institutional Research
Casey Byrne (2019)
Trish Fiacchi (2019)
Danelle Pettersen (2019)
Human Resources and Academic Human Resources

Dustin Annis (2017)

Jessica Asplund (2017)

Alan Bartlett (2017)

Erica T Cline (2018)

Jeremy Davis (2017)

Jacob Martens (2017)

William McGuire (2018)

Lauren Montgomery (2017)

Susan Morreira (2018)

Ruth Vanderpool (2018)

Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of

Serin Anderson (2017)

Timothy Todd Bostelle (2018)

Alaina C Bull (2018)


Alison Hendricks (2017)

Ellen Lambert Hermansen (2018)

Annemarie Martin (2017)

Heidi Norbjerg (2018)

Aubrey Steffens (2017)

Milgard School of Business

Katie Haerling (2017)

Jessica J. Immerman (2018)

Lindsey McBride (2018)

Nursing & Healthcare Leadership, School of

Ana Marie Alameda (2018)

Stephanie Beall (2018)

Lindsey Clark (2018)

Registrar, Office of the

Jill Hanson (2017)

Janelle Hawes (2017)

Terri Simonsen (2017)

Social Work & Criminal Justice, School of

Cindy Schaarschmidt (2018)

Student Fellowships, Office of
Elizabeth Hansen (2018) Student Involvement, Center for
Stephon Harris (2019)
Surtida Shelton (2018)
Dawn Williams (2019)
Student Affairs
Su-Miao Lai (2017) Teaching & Learning Center

Sokunroath Chhuoy (2018)

Paul Cigarruista (2017)

Undergraduate Education, Office of
Jennifer Wilson (2017) University Academic Advising

    Data Fellow Cohort Training

    The UW Tacoma Data Fellows initiative provides in-unit access to institutional data using a team-based community of practice distributed throughout campus.

     >> View Data Fellows Training  - Details for applying for becoming a UW Tacoma Data Fellow and a description of training activities.