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The University of Washington Tacoma's Office of Institutional Research (IR) works to analyze, understand and report data used in institutional decision-making. We provide a number of tools, resources, and reports to make campus data available. IR supports a strong, decentralized data culture that helps our students persist, thrive, and achieve their dreams.

UW Tacoma Institutional Research Featured Topic

Student Persistence to Graduation

The UW Tacoma campus' strategic plan initiative, "Charting our Course" has identified goals for meeting the needs and aspirations of students, faculty, and staff as all fulfill their individual and community roles.

Supporting our educational mission involves understanding the persistence patterns of different groups of students. One particular metric looks at "Time to Degree" for various groups of students.  The following report looks at the overall undergraduate and cohort experience in pursuit of a degree but breaks down those students coming to us from high school into different subgroups.