Internship FAQs

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How do I register for an internship?

The basic steps:

  1. Find an internship,
  2. Find a faculty supervisor and
  3. Complete the SIAS Internship Learning Agreement.
  4. After your approvals have been received from your faculty and site supervisors, you'll be emailed an entry code to register.
  5. Register for an internship just as you would any academic course. For more details on the registration process and the academic requirements during an internship, see below.

Does the School of IAS provide internship placements?

No. Students are expected to find their own internship site.

Who should I ask to be my faculty supervisor?

A faculty member who you have taken one or more classes with.

What is the required number of hours to earn my credit?

Generally, three (3) hours per week for 10 weeks equals one (1) credit, or a total of 30 hours.

2 60 6
3 90 9
4 120 12
5 150 15
6 180 18
7 210 21
8 240 24
9 270 27
10 300 30

How many credits can I earn for internships?

A student can receive 1-15 credits for an internship, but they may not all count toward a student's major; some of the credits may have to be counted as elective credits.
It depends on what your major allows and what courses you already have taken. Please contact your academic advisor to see how the credits can be applied. 

Can my internship be more than one quarter (for example summer and fall quarters)?

Yes, if your faculty supervisor and site supervisor agree to it. You can earn the same number of credits each quarter, for example, 5 and 5 to equal 10 total credits, or split the number of credits any way that it makes sense for your internship project.
Each quarter requires a new internship contract. For example, if you do an internship for summer and fall quarters, you need to fill out a contract and register for the internship for each of those two quarters.

How do I fill out the learning objectives on the internship learning agreement?

When you meet with your faculty supervisor to discuss the internship, you should talk about the learning objectives. The objectives will outline what you and your faculty supervisor set as your educational goals for the internship. They will reflect what tasks the site supervisor has assigned to you; "task 'A' will help me to learn, understand and develop skills in..."

Can I earn credit for an internship I have already done?

No--retroactive credit for an internship will not be granted. The work must be academically approved before you begin and guided by a faculty supervisor while you complete the experience. 

Do I have to pay tuition for an internship?

Yes. An internship that earns academic credit is the same as taking any other academic course.

Can I do my internship this summer and register for the credits this fall?

We strongly discourage this, but if it is a financial aid hardship it can be done with the approval of the faculty supervisor and the School of IAS. 

The internship I am applying for requires a resume and cover letter. Where can I find help writing these documents?

The UW Tacoma Career Development office in MAT 106 can help you with a resume and/or cover letter. In addition, UW Seattle offers students online help with resumes and cover letters. Check out the Career Guide and Online Streaming Workshops the Seattle Campus Career Center web page.