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 Winner of a 2018 American Book Award 

“In this compelling, devastating book, Luiselli documents the huge injustices done to the children by both the American and Mexican governments, and by the public who treat them as ‘illegal aliens’, rather than as what they truly are: refugees of war." The Guardian

 “Luiselli effectively humanizes the plights of those who have been demonized or who have been reduced to faceless numbers . . . A powerful call to action and to empathy.” —Kirkus ​


The Community Book Project aims to connect our UWT community - students, faculty, staff, alumni, and more - through a central, interdisciplinary text that is integrated (in whole or part) across classrooms and spurs co-curricular events. Our goal is to shed light on socially relevant topics and diverse writers who provide the common language and insight needed to shape our future.

This year's 2020-2021 Book is:  Tell Me How It Ends by Valerie Luiselli

Awarded a Macarthur Genius grant, Luiselli discusses her work as an interpreter for migrant children who journeyed through Central America to the US Southern Border (during the Obama administration). She uses the 40 questions in the immigration intake to piece together a powerful collection of thoughts and narratives about what it means to be a refugee, a child, a migrant, and American. This book touches on many topics - from identity and place, to violence and humanity, to freedom and rights, and more. Because each chapter works as an independent research essay in this short work, the work can easily be adapted in whole or part across a spectrum of courses. 

-Your Community Book Committee

UW Tacoma students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in the Community Book Project which has been established to create a common framework for campus-wide dialogue and exploration. Book-related events throughout the year!

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