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Meet your 2019-2020 Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences  Student Senators:  Alexandra and Gina!


SIAS Student Senators represent the students of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences in the ASUWT Senate and are responsible for listening to Students at Large regarding issues affecting the Student Body and promoting Students interests and needs through participation, advocacy and representation.  

Meet SIAS Student Senator Alexandra Dogbe

This year, as Alexandra finishes up her biomedical science major with a minor in business administration, she has tasked herself with being one of your SIAS Student Senators. She initially became interested in the role around election time when reading through one of the election packets. When Alexandra saw the position of Student Senator the responsibilities really connected with her, “I realized how effective this position could be in bringing to light some issues that I have seen within my time here at UWT. Who better to bring the change that you want to see than yourself?”

For Alexandra, being a Student Senator means being an ambassador for the students and getting their voices heard by those with the power needed to make a change. Her immediate goal focuses on building her and fellow SIAS Student Senator Gina Choi’s visibility and connection to the UWT community. From there, she will develop a plan based on the current needs of the students.

At the end of her term, Alexandra’s goal for personal growth is to strengthen her leadership experience so she can continue to serve those in her community.

Between classes, studying for grad school, and acting as a Student Senator, Alexandra can be found sharpening her photography skills, curating Instagram profiles, and repeat binging some New Girl. And as she is no stranger to tough workloads, Alexandra wants you to remember, “You have within you, everything that you need to deal with anything that the world or even school can throw at you.”

Meet SIAS Student Senator Gina Choi

Gina is not only a UWT junior majoring in Communications and planning to minor in business administration but also one of this year’s SIAS Student Senators. Gina first heard about the opportunity of being a UWT Student Senator last year from a fellow student leader. Based on Gina’s previous experience as a Pack Advisor, her skills and passion for advocating for student needs made her an ideal candidate.

For Gina, “Being a senator means serving as a representative for the student voice. I see it as a channel of opportunity to create change on campus.” She looks forward to building deeper connections with leaders she has already met and branching out to form strong relationships with UWT’s students, faculty, and staff to better her involvement in the community.

Building better connections throughout UWT is the focus of Gina’s goals. “First and foremost, my partner and I will focus on fostering a better bond between the dean of our school, Anne Clark Bartlett, and the students. Another goal we will strive for is to create more alumni networking events so that students can make the connections that are necessary to achieve their futures. Lastly, we want to aim for easier access to academic advisors for students struggling to find their classes.”

Her hopes for personal growth from this experience are to refine her communication and problem-solving skills while working with communities.

Between classes and serving as a Student Senator, any downtime can be expected to be set aside for spending time with her friends, the TV series Friends, or some Harry Potter. And as the quarter gets tough, Gina’s words of advice are, ”Don’t forget to take care of yourself!”