David Moseley

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Former Student Assistant for the Office of International Programs, David majored in Environmental Science and minored in Asian Studies. In his free time, he reads up on other cultures and learns new languages. He knows a little Japanese, Chinese, and French. His goals are to solve environmental issues that are a problem for future generations and help the world understand each other. For the time being, he wants to travel because he would like to understand economic, political, social, and environmental issues in other countries, enjoying and learning as much as possible. He believes that life is our one chance and to make it the best experience possible. His motto: Do what you can while you can!

The Office of International Programs would like to thank David for his help creating the first study abroad program bulletin board. The board was on display during the 2012-13 academic year to help announce UWT's 2013 study abroad programs and invite prospective students to consider making an international education opportunity a part of their college experience at UWT.