Luan Dang

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The people in Costa Rica inspired me with their effort of a sustainable lifestyle to save Mother Nature and value what is given to them.

After the valuable trip from Costa Rica, I created a presentation about the program to promote study abroad and other international enrichment experiences at UW Tacoma, especially the Expedition Fellows program. One of the efficient tools that I love to use is Prezi; it's a simple way to share my experience from Costa Rica along with pictures and video that I captured from the journey. I love to talk about the trip and introduce the program to others, especially to those who are on the same boat as me. One of the groups that I shared with were incoming freshmen from high school. By doing this, I promoted what our campus has to offer for our new students. I also wanted to present a reputation in our community that we do provide opportunities such as international study abroad for all students. Because Expedition Fellows is a new and very unique program, I wanted to increase interest.

As a scholar of the College Success Foundation, it is a pleasure for me to present my experience from the trip to high school students. As part of my project, I also presented this Prezi to the ESL students; the majority of them are afraid of going to university after high school but they don’t know what we have to offer. I wanted them to know that the English barrier can never be an obstacle that stops them from having the same experience as a normal native English student. Study abroad is a privilege for all and everyone has an equal opportunity. It’s up to them to decide whether they want to take a chance and put their effort into it.

The Office of International Programs would like to thank Luan Dang for also putting together the 2013 Expedition Fellows study abroad program board. The photos, quotes, and map of Costa Rica was on display during the summer and early fall of 2013 to help explain what the program was all about and invite prospective students to consider making an international education opportunity a part of their college experience at UWT.