Luan Dang

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Life is a learning process, be open minded and keep learning. I live with that motto every day to better myself because what I know may be just a drop of water in a sea of knowledge."

As alum of the first Expedition Fellows program to Costa Rica in 2013, Luan was deeply impressed by the experience: “Those precious moments can never be forgotten in each of us, because that experience has strengthened us as individuals and as global citizens with a vision. I would strongly encourage each student to go on a study abroad trip because figuring out who we are could be the best part of the journey.

Luan is currently a junior in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and majoring in Environmental Science. As a Study Abroad Ambassador at UWT, Luan is dedicated to his work; it is important for him and for others to take advantage of international education opportunities at UWT.

“As the world is becoming more globalized, I think it is very important for each of us to be aware of the idea of being a global citizen. I was fortunate to be a natural global citizen; coming to America from Vietnam has shaped my character and my understanding of the world from a different perspective. The beginning was never easy in all cases; it would have been easy to just give up trying or do nothing, but I did not allow that adversity to be an excuse for not achieving what I wanted in life. I could not imagine my life as an “average” person; I believe that I am more capable of doing great things if I am willing to work my best for it. I wanted to define who I really am from adversity so I turned that hardship into an advantage for my future career with my language skills and a sharp mindset from growing up in two different cultures. Tacoma is a very diverse city. It provides me the opportunity to experience other cultures right from where I live. Through their food and cultural activities, I realize the beauty of diversity and globalization where we all can come together for a common purpose. Being aware of another culture is very important because it helps to understand the world around us. From living in this diverse society, I have learned to always be willing to learn from others instead of being skeptical with our personal references. This mentality can only shape me to become a stronger and well-educated person.”