Mengmeng Liu

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"As a student who is studying abroad (I am a international student from China and I would love to go to different countries through UWT study abroad programs), I really enjoy this experience. I have learned different cultures and diverse perspectives from my international friends. Also, I have improved myself through the different educational systems. This experience has changed me into a new person who is more motivated about learning and communicating with others. I am more confident than before. As a UWT Global Ambassador and Study Abroad Ambassador, I would love to encourage other students to study abroad by sharing my wonderful experience with them."

Mengmeng is currently a junior in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and majoring in Communication. She also has a double minor in Business and Global Studies. Mengmeng has worked as a photographer for UWT's student newspaper, the Ledger, and is concurrently serving as a Global Ambassador for Office of International Student Services. In her new role as Study Abroad Ambassador, Mengmeng encourages all UWT students to consider how a study abroad program could transform their perspective and knowledge of the world - finding ways to connect globally.

"Being a global citizen has help me to explore my interests and potentials. It inspires what I want to do in the future. This experience makes me more diverse in special skills, such as languages and cultures. I've also made a lot of friends from different countries. When I was planning my study abroad, I had to study so hard to learn the language. But now that I am in the country, I get more opportunities to practice and my language has improved a lot. Through living abroad, you too can learn many different cultures that can help you to know more about the world and your role as a global citizen."