Application Process

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Here are the steps involved in gaining CPT approval

1. Apply for internship opportunities

2. Connect with your academic advisor

  • Internship is optional for most majors, therefore students must register for an internship class.

  • Learn how to register for an internship class and the class expectations.

  • Check if the advisor agrees that the positions are directly related to the major area of study. Students cannot do CPT for their minors.

3. Secure an internship offer and register for an internship class

  • Pay attention to the Academic Calendar ( for last date to add a course for the quarter.

  • Make sure the internship offer letter follows these guidelines:

    • Letter should be on company letterhead (company name and address)

    • Include position title, start and end date, the position dutes/responsibilities

    • Include compensation (if the internship is paid)

    • Signature from hiring manager/internship supervisor

4. Ask your academic/graduate program advisor to email a statement to your international student advisor, verifying that the internship is an integral part of an established curriculum and directly related to the student's major area of study to (MAcc and BABA students can skip this step.) They should use the template below:

Title: Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Internship Authorization for <>

I am an academic advisor of the above student. The student <> currently in good academic standing. The student <> making normal and satisfactory progress in <> degree program.

The student is expected to complete their educational objectives by <> quarter, 20XX.

The proposed Curricular Practical Training is <>.

I certify that the student has been registered to <> for <> during <> quarter, 20XX.*

*course registration is not required if the internship is required for the student’s degree program.

5. Submit Online CPT Request

Allow 5 business days for processing. Your International Student Advisor will issue your CPT approved I-20. The new I-20 will list details of CPT authorization on the second page. Verify that the information is correct - specifically full-time/part-time, start date, end date, employer name, city and state information. The request form is available here

6. Apply for Social Security Number

  • Students without SSN must apply for SSN if their internship is paid.

  • If you have CPT but your internship is not paid, you can still apply for a SSN.

  • Students can apply for SSN no earlier than 30 days before internship start date.

  • Visit this page ( to learn more about the application process.