Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) Recommended I-20 Request

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Fill out this form to request a  Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) Recommended I-20. You need to have your most recent I-20 ready to fill out this form!

Read the important reminders before sumitting this form:

  • Undergraduate students must have pending graduation application. Int'l Student Advisor may contact graduate prgram advisor to verify graduation plans for graduate students.
  • Int'l Student Advisor must shorten students program end date in order to process this request. If students are failing to graduate, they must request program end date extension before the quarter is over. 
  • Int'l Student Advisor may not be able to assist students with holds on their account.

Once your request is ready, Int'l Student Advisor will be in touch with you by sending emails to your UW Tacoma email account.

Primary major is listed under item 5 on your I-20. If your current I-20 has the wrong major, your OPT recommended I-20 will be printed with the correct major.
This is not shown on your I-20 but ISS can record this on your SEVIS record online.
Use the last day of the quarter which you are expected to graduate (the last day of the finals week of your graduating quarter)
Program End Date (PED) is listed under item 5 on your I-20.
Full time enrollment is 10 credits or more for master’s level and 12 credits or more for bachelor’s level students. There is a special exception to this rule for final quater. F-1 students on their final quarter are considered full time even if they are registered in less than full time credits as long as they are registered in classes needed to complete their degrees.
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