Update Major or Minor in SEVIS

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This form is to have your major or minor information updated in SEVIS and to have a new I-20 printed if you are updating your primary major.

You will need to have your most recent I-20 ready to fill out this form!

Please note that if you have any holds on your student account, we may not be able to assist you until all holds are removed.

We will be in touch with you by sending emails to your UW Tacoma email account.

Student Information
Number listed on the top left corner of your I-20, e.g. N0000012345
(Street Number and Name) (Apt. Number) (Town or City) (State) (Zip Code)
Current I-20
New I-20 Issuance
Primary major, secondary major and a minor can be recorded on your SEVIS record. On your I-20, only the primary major can be printed. No new I-20 will be issued if you have declared a secondary major and/or a minor. A new I-20 will be issued if you declared a different primary major since the time of your acceptance to UWT.
Request Submission
By pressing submit below, you are submitting a request to update your major or minor in your SEVIS record. When this request is completed, we will email you. In the case of a new I-20 issuance, please pick it up at Garretson Woodruff & Pratt (GWP) 102 or Dougan (DOU) 401(for Milgard students only) . Please bring your UWT ID card for verification.
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