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The University supports the principle that it is the responsibility of the students, faculty, and administration to work cooperatively for the attainment of the University’s educational goals in the extracurricular, as well as the academic life, of the institution. In line with this principle, the Center for Student Involvement requires that student organizations involve at least one faculty and/or staff member as an adivsor in their organizations. Student organization advisors are a critical component in the success of the student leaders and the RSO itself. Your willingness to share your time, expertise and ideas is much appreciated and makes a big difference in the lives of students and their experience here at UW Tacoma.

Resources for RSO Advisors

RSO Advisor Agreement

In order to serve as an official advisor to an RSO, advisors must complete an "RSO Advisor Agreement." This document provides structure and expectations to what it means to be an RSO advisor. Reviewing, signing and returning this form is part of the RSO's registration process and must be completed before an RSO's registration can be approved. The form must be completed each year that an advisor is serving in the role.

Click to Download the RSO Advisor Agreement