Registering an Organization

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UW Tacoma has many great organizations (check them out on DawgDen), but perhaps you don't see one that meets your interests? Then we suggest starting a new one!

How to Register an Organization

Registering a new organization is simple:

Step 1: Read through the RSO Policies & Resources to gain an understanding of what it means to lead a student organization.

Step 2: Have five currently enrolled UW Tacoma students interested in the idea and willing to serve as officers.

Step 3: Find a UW Tacoma faculty or staff member willing to serve as your adviser.

Step 4: Write a constitution for your organization. Click here for more information and requirements for your constitution.

Step 5: Complete the online RSO Registration on DawgDen. Once logged in, click on the "Create Organization" button on the homepage.

Step 6: Have at least two officers attend an RSO Orientation Sessions (held throughout the school year) or Club Camp (held in mid-September each year). To see a list of upcoming Orientation Session, view our event calendar or email us at

Step 7: Receive confirmation through DawgDen that your organization is officially registered!

That's it! Once the registration process is complete and official, your organization has access to all of the services and funding sources that our office offers.

Organization Ideas

If you're wanting to start an RSO, but unsure what exactly you'd like it to focus on, check out the list below of previous RSOs on campus. Just because the organization is inactive now, doesn't mean that there isn't interest in it. Restarting an organization is easy too! Many of these organizations may have constitutions that you can reference - and even possibly a faculty/staff advisor that is still on campus. Let our office know if you'd like to see more about these organizations.

Click for organization ideas

  • Acro Yoga Club
  • Basketball Association
  • Blizzard Gaming Groups
  • Buddha Middle-Way Wisdom
  • Chinese Language and Culture Club
  • Comic and Manga Coalition
  • EGL Student Organization
  • Game Developers Club
  • Gaming Interest Group
  • Global Business Society
  • Global Travel Club
  • Hip-Hop Association
  • Improv Club
  • International Student Association
  • Japanese Language Club
  • Masters of Education Student Association
  • Native American Student Organization
  • Pakistani Student Alliance
  • Queer Plus Alliance
  • Treble Music Club
  • UNICEF Campus Initiative
  • Vietnamese Student Association
  • Walking Club

Need Help?

If you are having difficulty with any of the above steps - including finding an advisor! - please email us at We're here to help!