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The Center for Student Involvement is dedicated to helping student organizations achieve their mission and goals when it comes to planning and holding meetings, programs and activities that benefit the UW Tacoma community. Our staff can help guide students through University policies and procedures to start and sustain a club, market club information, and implement events! We offer a variety of resources both on and off campus...we are here to help!

RSO Faculty/Staff Advisors

In addition to utizliing our office, each RSO has a faculty or staff advisor. The specific purpose and responsibilities of the advisor varies from organization to organization, as each organization determines this to best meet their needs and mission. Most organizations have responsibilities for the advisor listed in their bylaws/constitution, as a means of transparency, clarity, and continuity.

In general though, the purpose of the advisor is to provide support, advice, and guidance to the organization. The advisor should assist the organization with achieving their goals - not the advisor's goals. Additionally, advisors should assist with ensuring that the organization is following campus policies, as well as local, state and federal laws. Often times too, an advisor serves for multiple years with an organization. This allows for the advisor to become a source of history for the organization.

All RSOs are encouraged to communicate with their advisor(s) and keep them up-to-date with what the organization is doing. Many organizations invite their advisor to meetings, activities and events, as well. They are just as important as any student member!