Commercial Activities

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Student organizations can sponsor commercial activities, commercial vendors, or events that promote commercial entities, only if it can be demonstrated that the student organization and/or UW Tacoma students in general are receiving the primary benefit from such activity. If the commercial activity involves sales or fundraising, appropriate procedures (LINK HERE!) must be followed.

Commercial activities and fundraising and/or sales on University premises are regulated to comply with the following University of Washington and state of Washington policies:

Use of University Facilities Policy (WAC 478.136.101)
University facilities may not be used for private or commercial purposes such as sales, advertising, or promotional materials unless they serve an educational purpose. Therefore, student organizations may not register with the Center for Student Involvement if they intend to sell, distribute, market, or advertise goods or services on behalf of any off-campus commercial entity or affiliate.

UW Policy on Sale of Goods and Services (APS 59.5)
UW may engage in the direct sale of goods and services to individuals, groups, or external agencies for fees only when those services are directly and substantially related to the educational mission of the University. Charges for such goods and services shall be determined taking into account their full cost, including University overhead, as well as the competitive price of such items in the local community.