Equipment Check-Out

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The Center for Student Involvement offers a variety of equipment that is available for RSOs to check-out for their events and meetings. Review the items and information below and let our office know if you have any questions about the process of checking out or using equipment.

Reserving Equipment

We strongly encourage RSOs to make a reservation for equipment that they know they will need. RSOs can make a reservation for equipment at any point during the year. To make a reservation, simply contact the Center for Student Involvement by stopping by in-person (University Y Student Center, room 107) or calling 253-692-4481. Please be prepared to let us know which item(s) you need, how many of the item(s), what day/time you will pick-up, what day/time you plan to return, your RSO's name, your name and email, and your student ID number.

All items must be picked-up by the person whose name is on the reservation.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be followed when checking out equipment from our office:

  • Use of the equipment is for student organizations only
  • All equipment must be returned by the agreed upon return time that is determined at time of check-out
  • Equipment items have a specific number of maximum days that they can be checked out for
  • Some items will require a signature on a terms and agreement form before the items can be checked-out
  • Damage to or failure to return any item can result in the replacement cost of the item(s) being charged to the individual and/or RSO

Available Equipment


Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 7 Days

A-frames serve a variety of purposes - namely to advertise events or use at events as signage. But you can get creative with them! Each a-frame is two-sided, with each side accommodating a 24" x 36" (portrait/vertical orientation) sign.

We have poster paper in the Center that fits perfectly - along with poster markers for you to write on the paper with. You can also order a poster through the Copy Center. If you'd like to utilize your RSO Operations or UWAA RSO Support funding, please see those pages for more information on how to do that.

AUX Cables

Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 2 Days

AUX (auxiliary) cables will help you at your next event when you are trying to connect a phone, tablet, or laptop to a sound system. They work great in the UWY Multipurpose Rooms, as well as in any AUX-supported media equipment on campus.

Board & Card Games

Maximum Reservation Time Limit: Same Day Only

Have some fun at your next RSO meeting or event! We have a variety of board and card games that are available for check-out. From classic games to newer ones, there's bound to be something for everyone. Games can make a great addition to a low-key event that you are hosting, or serve as a team builder for your membership at a general meeting. We even have several collaborative games where you work together as a team to win.


Maximum Reservation Time Limit: Same Day Only

Need to move items around campus? Check-out one of our carts to help out. Carts must be returned the same day that they are checked out.

Cash Bags & Boxes

Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 7 Days

If you're going to have cash present at an event, we highly encourage you to have a cash box and/or bag at your event. This will help to secure your cash and ensure it's security. Each cash box comes with a set of keys (which must returned) that you can lock the box with.


Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 7 Days

We have two types of easels - one that holds lighter items and one that is a little more sturdy for heavier items. These are great for showcasing items at an event, or putting a large notepad/poster board on to write on.

Event Lights - NEW!

Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 2 Days

Add some flare to your events with these LED multi-color lights. Various light modes available. Comes in packs of two for each check-out.

ID Card Swipes

Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 2 Days

Card swipes are perfect for when you are using the attendance tracking feature on DawgDen! Simply plug it into your laptop and it's ready to start swiping. Our card scanners do work with no issues with the UW Husky Card (student ID).


Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 2 Days

Laptops are great for events where a computer is not provided to present from, for taking meeting minutes, and for utilizing the DawgDen event attendance tracking feature. Our laptops run Windows programs and include Microsoft Office.

Nintendo Switch - NEW!

Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 2 Hours

Check-out a Nintendo Switch and some games to bring a new level of fun to your next RSO meeting or event. Each Nintendo Switch comes with the handheld unit, controllers, TV dock, and appropriate HDMI and charging cables. The Nintendo Switch can be used both handheld and connected to any TV or projection system (via HDMI). Please note that Nintendo Switch check-outs have a 2 hour maximum limit.

The Nintendo Switches are funded by the Student Technology Fee.

Outdoor Pop-Up Tents - NEW!

Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 2 Days

When you live in an area where it rains 9 months of the year...sometimes you need a tent! Check-out one of our easy pop-up outdoor tents to cover your outdoor table or event when it's raining (or really sunny!). Each tent is 10' x 10' in size.

Per University policy, use of pop-up tents requires weights on each leg. Our office can provide one sand-filled weight for each leg of the tent.

NOTE: Pop-up tents are picked-up from and returned to the Dawg House Student Lounge (MAT) only. Pick-up/return times are only available when staff members are present in the Dawg House. The current Dawg House staff hours are Monday-Thursday 10am to 7pm and Friday 10am to 4pm. Hours outside of these listed are not possible. All reservations must make these hours work in order to utilize the tents.

Click to download the outdoor pop-up tent instructions

Polaroid Camera - NEW!

Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 2 Days

Take photos at your event that print instantly! We have a Fujifilm Instax WIDE camera available for check-out to RSOs.

Film: Each check-out comes with one 2-pack of film. This is enough for 20 photos. If your organization needs or would like more film, you are welcome to purchase your own or utilize your RSO Operations Fund / UWAA RSO Support Fund to purchase. If you are planning to use the RSO Operations Fund or UWAA RSO Support Fund, please complete the respective request form at least two weeks in advance of needing the film. Our office will order the film for you if you choose this option.

Cost to purchase film through our office:

  • 1 pack (20 photos): $15.00
  • 2 packs (40 photos): $25.00
  • 5 packs (100 photos): $60.00

You can purchase film on your own through Amazon.

Receipt Books

Maximum Reservation Time Limit: 7 Days

If you're taking cash or selling items, it's good financial practice to write a receipt. We have several carbon-copy receipt books available for use. These are great ways to not only provide a high customer service, but also to track your sales!


Have an Idea for New Equipment?

Let us know! We are always looking for new ideas for equipment that we can make available for RSOs. We cannot guarantee that all requests can be fulfilled, but we are always open to hearing feedback and ideas! Email us at or stop by our office to let us know.