Fundraising Guidelines

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To maintain funds to operate as an organization, host events, and recruit students, many student organizations utilize fundraising. Additionally, RSOs often participate in volunteer and service programs where they raise money or collect items to donate to a cause. Student organizations can fundraise on campus; however, it must be pre-approved by the Center for Student Involvement and RSO fundraising policies must be followed.

Fundraising Definition

For student organizations, fundraising is defined as anytime the RSO is collecting money or items on campus, or financially benefiting from hosting an event (i.e. receiving funding from an organization that you partner with on an event). This includes donations (money or items), the sale of items or food (i.e. bake sales, item sales, etc.), charging a registration or admission fee, leaving a donation box on campus, etc. Any time the RSO is collecting money or items on campus, this is considered fundraising and the RSO fundraiser policies must be followed. Failure to do so can result in conduct and discipline for the RSO.

RSO Fundraising Policies & Guidelines

The policies and guidelines that RSOs must follow when fundraising are based on the type of fundraising. Choose from the options below to learn more about each fundraising type and the respective policies that must be followed.

Fundraising Request Form

All RSO events or fundraisers that meet the fundraising criteria must complete an RSO Fundraising Request. This form must be reviewed and approved by the Center for Student Involvement before any fundraising can begin. Please submit this form well in advance of your donation timeline to ensure there is enough time for review, questions, and approval. Late submissions may be not be able to be reviewed in time.

Donation Platforms

Consider using these online donation platforms!

  • UWTtickets:, which is managed by our office, offers an online donation service that RSOs can utilize. Supporters can donate via credit card online to your organization. Funds will be issued to the organization via check. To learn more about this option, email and let us know that you are interested!
  • USEED @UW: Managed by UW Seattle, USEED @UW is an online crowdsourcing platform that your RSO can apply to utilize. More information is available on the USEED@UW website.