Fundraising - Donation Bins

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The following are the policies and guidelines that a student organization must follow when they are wanting to place a bin/box on campus to collect donations. This includes examples such as collecting canned food, clothes, and other items to donate.

Fundraising Definition

For student organizations, fundraising is defined as anytime the RSO is collecting money or items on campus. This includes donations (money or items), the sale of items or food (i.e. bake sales, item sales, etc.), charging a registration or admission fee, leaving a donation box on campus, etc. Any time the RSO is collecting money or items on campus, this is considered fundraising and the RSO fundraiser policies must be followed. Failure to do so can result in conduct and discipline for the RSO.

Policies & Guidelines

  • Approval Required: The RSO must complete an online RSO Fundraising Request Form (on DawgDen) and be approved by the Center for Student Involvement. Approval must be received before the donation bin can be placed on campus. Please submit this form well in advance of your donation timeline to ensure there is enough time for review, questions, and approval. Late submissions may be not be able to be reviewed in time.
  • Approval Placard: Once approved, the RSO will receive a placard that states the fundraiser is approved. This placard must be posted on each donation bin (multiple will be provided if needed). Failure to display this placard can result in the removal of the bins.
  • Benefit to Students: The activity/event itself must provide a benefit to UW Tacoma students.
  • Student-Initiated and Led: The fundraiser must be initiated by one of the officers of an RSO (as listed on DawgDen) and it must be student-led. Fundraisers should be not be primarily led or initiated by groups other than the RSO.
  • Non-Money Collections Only: Money donation bins left on-campus unattended are prohibited. An RSO cannot place an monitored bin/jar on campus for donations. Only item and non-perishable food is allowed for donation bins.
  • Time Limit: Donation bin drives are limited to 1-month in length per drive.
  • Bin/Box Requirements: Bins used to collect donations must:
    • Be made from a durable material that can withstand the items it is meant to hold without breaking. If collecting food or liquids, the bin should be constructed so that it does not leak.
    • Be clearly labeled with the RSO's name, what is being collected, and the beneficiary of the collection.
    • Have the approval placard (provided to the RSO once the request is approved) attached to each bin. Multiple copies will be provided if needed.
    • Be emptied often to ensure the bins do not overflow. Overflowing bins may be addressed by University staff.
    • Be placed in the pre-approved donation bin locations (see below) only.
    • Not obstruct access or moving paths in hallways, doors, and spaces on campus.
  • Locations: Bins can only be placed in pre-approved public locations on campus. These are listed below. If an RSO would like to place a bin inside a department or office suite, they can work directly with the office to obtain approval to do so.
    • Cherry Parkes lobby
    • Dawg House Student Lounge (MAT)
    • Dougan lobby (ground floor facing WCG)
    • Garrettson Wooddruff Pratt (main entry area)
    • Snoqualmie (library)
    • Tacoma Paper & Stationary (ground floor)
    • West Coast Grocery lobby
    • University Y Student Center (outside UWY 107 windows)

Donation Platforms

Consider using these online donation platforms!

  • UWTtickets:, which is managed by our office, offers an online donation service that RSOs can utilize. Supporters can donate via credit card online to your organization. Funds will be issued to the organization via check. To learn more about this option, email and let us know that you are interested!
  • USEED @UW: Managed by UW Seattle, USEED @UW is an online crowdsourcing platform that your RSO can apply to utilize. More information is available on the USEED@UW website.