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Student organizations should be comprised of and led by current UW Tacoma students. The minimum number of members required to start an organization is five (serving as the officers), and there is no maximum number of members.

The functioning of registered student organizations shall be confined to and controlled by their active (voting) membership, which shall be limited to enrolled UW Tacoma students. UW Seattle and UW Bothell students are not eligible to participate; however, at all times, the number of UW Tacoma members shall exceed the number of non-student members at meetings and programs. Between quarters, membership is construed to membership of the previous quarter.

Each registered student organization has the right to select and expel its own members in accordance with the organization’s Constitution and applicable University policies and procedures, and is accountable for actions of members representing the organization. Organization officers or representatives are individually responsible for ensuring that all active members meet University, as well as organization, requirements.

A student organization which restricts membership on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, heritage, sexual orientation, or status as Disabled Veteran or Vietnam-era veteran shall not be allowed registered student organization status. An exception is made to fraternities and sororities to be single sex organizations per the implementing regulations of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Non-Student Members

Individuals who are not current students and/or persons not associated with the University can be involved in student organizations at UW Tacoma, as long as they are associate members (without vote and ability to hold office), and UW Tacoma students are in the majority and retain control of the organization. Individuals in the community who are associate members can be an asset to the student organization in areas such as fundraising, networking, and program planning.