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Every RSO is required to have and maintain a UW NetID and UW email address for the organization. In addition to email, the NetID is used for access to certain online RSO forms.

RSOs will be able to create a UW NetID as part of the registration process when the organization is first formed. The Center for Student Involvement will request this on the RSO's behalf and the Center for Student Involvement will also be listed as the owner of the account. This allows our office to troubleshoot, reset passwords, etc. for future years. Two officers from the RSO will be listed as Administrators of the account. This will allow those individuals to reset passwords when needed.

All RSO email accounts are setup for Outlook 365 use. We do not setup RSO accounts for use with Gmail.

NetID Requirements

A NetID can be a maximum of 8 characters. RSOs will be able to provide their preferred NetID choice when registering. We recommend that RSOs choose something that relates to or is easily identifiable to the organization. Examples for the ABC Club could be ABCclub, ABCuwt, uwtABC, etc. As long as the NetID (portion before the is 8 characters or less. We will ask for three possible options from the RSO and then request them in order (in case any top choices are already taken).

RSO NetID Use Policies

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UW Tech Policies

Email/Web accounts are governed by existing University, UW-IT, and RSO policies. By establishing an Email/Web Account, RSOs agree to abide by these policies.

The Center for Student Involvement will:

  • Inform the RSO of their account name and how to access their account.
  • Handle any complaints regarding behavior or content arising from the use of these accounts. Complaints, questions and concerns should be directed to
  • Assume responsibility for any other disciplinary action regarding accounts furnished to RSO’s and may request that other University departments temporarily or permanently close or disable an RSO account.
  • Reserves the right to change passwords at any time or temporarily or permanently close any account furnished to a student organization for any suspected violation of University policy.
  • Will notify appropriate University representatives when an RSO has lost its email/web account privileges, acknowledging that any accounts associated with that organization will be closed and all data associated with that account will be lost.
The Registered Student Organization will:
  • Re-register each academic year to maintain their accounts and status as a registered group.
  • Agree to receive emails from the Center for Student Involvement regarding their account and RSO.
  • Will notify the Center for Student Involvement when the administrators and contact for the account have changed. This can be emailed to
  • Acknowledges that when an RSO has lost its email/web account privileges that any and all data associated with that account will be lost.

Requesting an RSO NetID Account

To request a NetID account for your RSO, please submit the online RSO NetID Account Request Form on DawgDen. Once submitted, the Center for Student Involvement will review it and request the account on your behalf. You will be contacted once it is created and activated.

Managing the NetID & Password

The two RSO officers listed as administrators on the account will be able to manage the NetID. This includes the changing the password, administrators, email forwarding, etc. Managing the NetID can be done by:

  • Step 1: Go to the NetID Management Website and login with your personal UW NetID.
  • Step 2: From the drop-down box in the top right, choose the RSO's NetID.
  • Step 3: The page should refresh and new menu options along the left will appear. Use these to manage the NetID account.

Changing Administrators

RSOs can change their NetID administrators in two-ways:

  • Current Administrator Makes the Changes: Any current administrator listed on the account can add or remove administrators. This means that one of the two officers who are listed as an administrator can make changes. This is done by going to the NetID Management Website. The administrator will log in with their personal UW NetID and then choose the RSO's NetID from the drop-down box in the top right. Choose the "Owners & Administrators" menu option along the left and then make the changes.
  • Email Our Office to Do It: If you do not know who your administrators are, or they have graduated/are no longer members of the RSO, email us at to request the administrators be changed. In the email, please include your RSO's name, the RSO's NetID, the name and UW NetID of TWO new officers to be the administrators. We will process the request as quickly as we can and let you know when it is complete.

Additional RSO NetIDs

If your RSO has the need for more than the one required NetID account, please email to discuss. We review each request on a case-by-case basis to determine if an additional NetID is warranted or if the RSO could utilize the one already in place.

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