Political Activities

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As a public institution of higher learning, UW Tacoma is committed to ensuring that diverse ideas and points of view are freely expressed and discussed on the campus. However, there are certain statemandated limitations on the use of facilities and funds for partisan political activities. This summary of those limitations is designed to assist students and others who may wish to use the campus for such purposes.

  • First priority for the use of campus facilities shall be given to regularly scheduled University activities.
  • UW Tacoma facilities may be used for political purposes, such as events and forums regarding ballot propositions, and/or candidates who have filed for public office only when the full rental cost of the facility is paid. However, use of state funds for payment of facility rental costs is prohibited.
  • Forums or debates may be scheduled at full facility rental rates if all parties to a ballot proposition election or all candidates who have filed for office for a given position, regardless of party affiliation, are given equal access to the use of the facilities within a reasonable time.
  • No person shall solicit contributions on University property for political uses, except in instances where this limitation conflicts with applicable federal law regarding interference with mailing.
  • Public areas outside of University buildings may be used for political purposes, such as events and forums regarding ballot propositions and/or candidates who have filed for public office, excluding solicitation of funds, provided the other normal business of the University is not disrupted and entrances to and exits from buildings are not blocked.
  • University facilities or services may not be used to establish or maintain offices or headquarters for political candidates or partisan political causes.
  • Associated Students of the University of Washington Tacoma (ASUWT) may invite candidates for political office to speak on campus, so long as there is an effort to present a range of political views over a reasonable period of time and full rental cost of the facility is paid.

Prohibition on University Endorsement of Candidates or Issues

The University will not intervene or participate in any campaign by endorsing or opposing a candidate or issue. Individual members of the campus community are free to participate, as they see fit, and to use University facilities as limited by the University regulations and policies. No unauthorized individual may speak or act in the name of the University.

Prohibition on Use of State Funds

The use of public or University funds for directly or indirectly making any contribution or expenditure of anything of value in connection with a local, state, or federal election is prohibited. Any contribution to a political candidate or political endorsement is included in the prohibition.