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End of Year RSO Access to 25Live - As noted in emails to RSO Officers, 25Live access for RSOs will be removed on Friday, June 14, 2019. This is done as a yearly measure to ensure that RSOs complete the training each academic school year. Additionally, during the Summer 2019, the 25Live system will be undergoing some improvements and will look slightly different for RSOs. An online training for 25Live will be available to RSOs in mid/late-Summer. RSOs that have a need to make a space reservation during the summer can contact

Registered student organizations are able to reserve campus rooms and spaces for official organization meetings, events, and tabling. The Center for Student Involvement coordinates space reservation requests on behalf of all RSOs. If you are a student wishing to reserve space for a class project or study group, please contact your academic program (ex: IAS, Business, etc.) directly. If you are wanting to reserve space for a personal reason, or for a non-RSO related event, please contact Conference Services.

The room reservation process has many steps and a variety of important information and requirements that must be followed. Please review the information on this page and notify the Center for Student Involvement if you have any questions. Remember that our office is here to serve students and RSOs - we will gladly assist with anything that we can!

Fundraising? Or Charging an Admission Fee?

Please note that RSOs wishing to use space on campus for fundraiser (including charging admission to event, selling food or items, and putting donation bins on campus) must follow RSO fundraising policies and complete an RSO Fundraising Request Form.

Important Information Before Submitting a Request

  • RSO space requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance. Requests submitted with less than 3 weeks notice may not be scheduled.
  • RSOs must be approved for access into the campus space scheduling system, 25Live. See the "Access to 25Live & Training" section below for more information on this.
  • Requests must follow the campus space scheduling timelines. Requests submitted outside of these dates may not be scheduled.
  • RSO space reservations are subject to all campus event policies and RSO policies.
  • RSOs are responsible for communicating with the Center for Student Involvement, space schedulers, and support departments regarding their requests. Failure to communicate from the RSO can result in delays to your request, or even cancellation of the reservation.

RSO Access to 25Live & Training

RSOs must be granted access into the 25Live space scheduling system, after they have completed the annual training session. We offer the training session throughout the year. You can view future dates for the training sessions on our Upcoming Events calendar. On the calendar, locate a "RSO TRAINING: 25Live & Space Scheduling" that works in your schedule and click "Sign Up." At least two officers from each RSO must attend the training - more than two officers are welcome to attend. Once you have attended the training, you will be granted access to request space on campus for your RSO events and meetings.

Access will revoked at the end of each school year. The RSO cannot submit any requests until the training has been completed again for the next school year.

How To Submit a Space Request

The room space request process can be completed by following these steps:

  • Step One: All campus space requests are submitted via 25Live, UW Tacoma's online space reservation system. Once approved to access the system, login into 25Live with your RSO's UW NetID and password.
  • Step Two: Once logged in, review the available spaces (via the Locations tab in 25Live) on campus and determine which space will best fit your needs. It's important to pay attention to room capacities, location, and the room setup options. The University offers a variety of types of spaces, including smart classrooms, conference rooms, tabling locations, and indoor and outdoor event spaces.
  • Step Four: Discuss your event with your Advisor and be prepared with all of the details and information for your event - the request form will ask several questions about your event day/time, setup needs, if you are planning to serve food/alcohol, media and technology needs, etc. We ask that you provide as much information ahead of time as possible - this will help to keep the request process moving quickly. See the FAQ section below for more information regarding many common event needs and questions.
  • Step Five: If requesting a space that requires a setup, you are asked to complete a setup diagram and submit it with your space request. Submitting a diagram will help to keep the process moving quickly, as well as ensure accuracy in your requested setup. Click here to learn more about setups and download blank/custom diagrams
  • Step Six: When ready, complete a new space request via the "Event Wizard" tab in 25Live. Follow the instructions on each page of the form.
  • Step Seven: Once submitted, monitor the RSO's UW email and the day-of-contact's email, as well as the request in 25Live. These are the places that our office, the space scheduler, and support departments will communicate with you regarding your request. This includes questions about the request that we have, confirmation of your reservation, and/or notification that the requested space is not available. Your reservation is not finalized until you receive an official reservation confirmation notice.
  • Step Eight: If appropriate, your event may require a completed Event Management Safety Agreement to be on file. This form is due at least one week prior to your event date. Failure to submit the form can result in the cancellation of your reservation. Please note that the form requires the signature of a UW Tacoma faculty/staff member - the "Responsible Event Manager." This should be your RSO's Advisor. If your advisor is unable to attend, please notify our office to discuss your event and possible solutions.

Our office can assist at any time with questions that you may have - just send an email to or

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several frequently asked questions that our office receives regarding RSO space reservations. Please review them and let our office know if you still have questions.


When should I submit my reservation request?

Reservation requests must be submitted, at minimum, 3 weeks before the date of your event. The earlier you can submit your request, the better, to ensure that you get the space you want and to allow enough time to plan everything. Please note that the University has campus-wide scheduling timelines for spaces. Please refer to those to know when you can submit your request.

Our office will always submit requests as we are able. If a request is received less than three weeks before the first date in the request, the request may not be able to be scheduled.

Can I check the availability of spaces I am interested in?

Yes! RSOs can check space availability by logging into 25Live with their RSO's account.

How do I make edits to or change my reservation request/confirmed reservation?

Once submitted into 25Live, your RSO may have the ability to edit the request directly - it depends if our office has reviewed it yet or not.
  • If we have reviewed the request and put it into "Tentative" state: You will request an edit to your request by creating a "To-Do" task and submitting it to the "RSO Coordinator" in 25Live. Steps to do this are in the 25Live manual available for download above.
  • If we have NOT reviewed your request and it is still in "Draft" state: You can open your request in 25Live and click "Edit this Event" to make any changes.

Event Management Safety Agreement

What is an Event Management Safety Agreement, and do I have to have one for my event?

The Event Management Safety Agreement is an official UW Tacoma form that is required for certain reservations and events hosted on campus. The form reviews important event information and policies that must be followed.

For events that require the form, a signed copy must be on file, in addition to a printed copy posted at the event day-of. The Responsible Event Manager is responsible for ensuring that policies are followed, as well as that the form is posted and visible through the entirety of the event. Failure to submit and/or follow the Event Management Safety Agreement can lead to the cancellation of a reservation.

The Event Management Safety Agreement is required:
  • if you are using a space on campus that requires a setup
  • if you are serving food
  • if you are serving alcohol
  • if your event has any cash handling occurring
  • if you have non-UWT attendees
The Event Safety Management Agreement must be submitted at least one week prior to your event date. There are two forms - one for the University Y Student Center and one for the rest of campus. Contact information for each form is available on the Use of University Facilities website.

You can download the Event Management Safety Agreement form from the Use of University Facilities website.

Can the Responsible Event Manager on the safety agreement be a RSO officer?

With the exception of the Associated Student of UW Tacoma (ASUWT) and the Student Activities Board (SAB), UW Tacoma requires that the "Responsible Event Manager" on an Event Management Safety Agreement form be a faculty or staff member. An RSO's first option for a Responsible Event Manager should be the RSO's advisor. Please note that the Responsible Event Manager is required to be on campus (not required to be at event) during the event timeframe. If your RSO Advisor is not available for your event, please contact our office at and we can assist in discussing possible solutions.

Support Departments & Event Needs

Do I need Campus Safety at my event? How much will that cost?

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, Campus Safety may be required for your event.
  • Is participant attendance expected to be over 100?
  • Will money be exchanged? (Ex: collecting donations, charging admission, selling food, etc.)
  • Will the event be occurring after regular campus hours? (see building-specify maps for building hours)
  • Will alcohol be served?
The cost of Campus Safety is $65.00/hour per officer at a minimum of 2 hours. Campus Safety has the discretion to determine the number of officers needed for an event - based on the attendance levels, expected event activities, event history, etc. This cost is the responsibility of the requestor.

If you have a question or need to arrange Campus Safety for your event, please contact Campus Safety directly at 253-692-4416 or

How do I get media support/equipment for my event? How much will that cost?

Many campus spaces, including conference rooms, classrooms and event rooms, all come with standard technology in the space (computer, projector, screens, etc.). However, this is not true for all spaces. As such, Media Services offers a variety of services available for event assistant. Refer to the Information Technology Event Support page for the most up-to-date information, including available equipment, services, and policies.

If you need additional media equipment for your event, outside of what is already available in the room, refer to Information Technology list ofequipment available for check-out.

In every space request on 25Live, you will be able to request assistance or equipment from Media Services. Media services are generally offered free to students, as they are funded by the Student Technology Fee. However, some services, including video recording, weekend/after-hours assistance, etc. may come at a charge. These costs are at the discretion of Media Services and are on the responsibility of the requesting organization to pay.

If you have a question or need to arrange media support for your event, please contact Media Services at or 253-692-4419.

Food and Alcohol

How do I serve food at my event?

Please refer to our Serving Food on Campus page for more information on serving food at your event.

Can I serve alcohol at my RSO event?

Potentially, yes. If you are interested in serving alcohol at your event, please contact Jeremy Homolka at to setup a meeting to discuss your event and the policies for an RSO to serve alcohol at an event.