Ticket & Item Sales

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Occasionally, student organizations may have the need to sell event tickets or other items (i.e. apparel). The Center for Student Involvement is able to assist organizations with this process, primarily through UWTtickets, our online ticket sale system. Read below for more information based on what you trying to sell.

Event Ticket Sales (including free tickets)

Through UWTtickets, organizations can sell tickets for events - including free tickets that have no cost. The system offers a variety of benefits, including registration, accepting credit cards, spreadsheet reports, in-person sales for cash/check, and more. UWTtickets makes it easy for student organizations to sell tickets, as it removes the need for members and officers to sell tickets on their own - which often meant carrying cash and not accepting credit cards. It also allows for custom information/questions to be collected. For example, asking about dietary needs, or collecting contact information for every ticket purchased. To learn more about selling tickets on UWTtickets, check-out the selling tickets information page, as well as the UWTtickets Sales Policies page.

UWTticket sales requests can be submitted via DawgDen, under the "Campus Links" section.

Item Sales

In addition to ticket sales, sometimes an RSO will have a need to sell an item or collect money for their organization. Examples include apparel and membership dues. Organizations are welcome to do this on their own time and through their own process, but our Office may also be able to assist. It may be possible to utilize UWTtickets, which would allow for credit cards to be accepted. Each request would be discussed on a case-by-case basis to determine the best route of action. If your organization is interested in discussing options with our office, please contact us at uwttix@uw.edu.