UCAR Vehicle Reservations

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The University offers a vehicle rental service (UCAR), which registered student organizations can utilize by reserving through our office. All RSO UCAR reservations must be made through our office. Vehicle rentals can be a great way to help RSOs transport members and supplies to/from campus for events.

To learn more about reserving a UCAR for RSO purposes, please review the information and steps below.

UCAR RSO Use Guidelines

  • Requests will be only be accepted for an RSO by an officer (as listed on DawgDen) of that organization.
  • Requests for use of a UCAR should be submitted as soon as possible. There are a limited number of cars available and they are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Last minute requests may not be able to be accommodated.
  • Only UW students, staff, and faculty are able to ride in the vehicle. Non-UW individuals are NOT allowed in a UCAR vehicle.
  • There is a cost associated with renting a UCAR. All costs will be applied to a UW fund (i.e. RSO Operations Fund, Campus Event Fund, etc.). Our default option is charge the RSO's Operation Fund first. Additional costs over the remaining balance of the RSO's funds must be covered by the RSO (via their own funds [bank account] or another UW budget). The Center for Student Involvement is not responsible for additional costs. View current rental rates here.
  • To drive a UCAR, a valid driver license is required, along with the successful completion of an online driver safety course. Only students, staff, and faculty members that have a valid (non-expired) certificate of having completed the training are allowed to drive a UCAR vehicle. Proof of the certificate will need to be submitted to our office at least 24 hours prior to departure from campus with the UCAR.
  • Use of a UCAR by an RSO is a privilege. Failure to follow proper UCAR process and protocol can result in the suspension of this privilege for any RSO.

Requesting a UCAR

To request a UCAR for your RSO's use, follow these steps:

  • Step One: Prepare the following the information (which will be needed to submit a request):
    • Purpose of trip
    • Vehicle pick-up date & time
    • Vehicle return date & time
    • Type of car needed (4 passenger car OR 5 passenger minivan)
    • Number of cars needed
    • Name and UW email of student who will be driving
    • Status of if the intended driver has previously taken the online safety course
    • Destination(s) (address of location)
  • Step Two: Complete the online RSO UCAR request form on DawgDen.
  • Step Three: While waiting for review of your request, the intended driver can begin the online driver safety course. The course must be successfully completed and a copy of the certificate must be submitted to our office at least 24 hours in advance of the departure time. More information will be made available to drivers about the course once the request has been submitted.
  • Step Four: Once reviewed by our office, a status of the request will be sent to the requester. If approved, our office will complete the reservation process for the vehicle and send the confirmation information to the requester and driver. DO NOT DISCARD THIS EMAIL. The confirmation email will contain information regarding how to access the key box to obtain the vehicle on the day of departure.
  • Step Five: Ensure the driver completes the online driver safety course and submits their certificate by at least 24 hours in advance of departure. Failure to do this can result in the cancellation of the reservation.
  • Step Six: On the day and time of your departure, pick-up your UCAR and enjoy your trip! Review the confirmation email for information how to access vehicle keys. Remember the important safety details that the driver safety course reviews and how to contact emergency services if needed.
  • Step Seven: Return the car by the day and time agreed upon to avoid additional costs. Refer to the confirmation email for information regarding how to access the vehicle key box to return the keys.