Insurance Plan For OPT Students

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If you are researching plans for insurance coverage during your OPT year, be sure to consult the insurance company to see if they provide coverage during OPT. Some companies only provide coverage while you are a registered student. Policy costs will vary depending on coverage. Before choosing a plan, carefully consider your personal and family health needs and weigh them against each insurance option. Some policies are listed for consideration below.

Please note that ISSS is providing this information as a courtesy and it is students' responsibility to research and decide on a plan. ISSS is not endorsing particular companies. ISSS is not responsible for the contents of any linked sites or services provided by off-campus entities. 

ISO - Student Health Insurance

Health insurance for International Students, Scholars, OPT, ESL, Dependents and Visitors. They specialize in Individual & Group student health plans.

150 W. 30th Street
Suite 1101
New York, New York 10001-4008 
(800) 244-1180

Compass Benefits Group 

Compass Benefits Group has over 20 years of student insurance experience. They provide a variety of plans to choose from and a comparison tool to find the best plan according to requirements. 

Student Resources (SPC) Ltd., a UnitedHealth Group company 
P.O. 809025 
Dallas, Texas 75380-9025
1- 866-590-4427

PSI International Student Health Insurance

Supporting International Student health insurance needs since 1996, PSI has 13 different health plans available for students and advisors to choose from according to requirements.

8206 Leesburg Pike
Ste 305
Vienna, Virginia 22182 
(703) 879-8828

International Student Insurance

International Student Insurance provides individual and group insurance plans for students outside of their home country, with A rated carriers, technological sophistication and market-leading service.

224 First Street
Neptune Beach, Florida 32266-6142 
(904) 247-1387

Now Health International (Investments) Limited

Now Health International offers affordable basic health care plans we well as comprehensive plans.

5201 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 300
Miami, FL 33126
Tel: 305-269-2521