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Steps for Admitted Students

Once you decide to accept an offer from UW Tacoma, please pay the New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fees (for undergraduate students) OR Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (for graduate students).

Then, please collect the following documents in order for UW Tacoma to issue your I-20:

  1. PDF copy of your Financial Documents (the minimum amount to present for undergraduate student is $56,871 and $55,644 for graduate students as of 6/24/2020);
  2. PDF copy of your passport data page (the page with your picture on it) and expiration date page (if applicable);
  3. PDF copy of your I-94 card or online I-94 (if applicable);
  4. PDF copy of your current visa or approval notice of your current visa (if applicable).

We prefer you to have files in PDF format. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here. Do you not have PDF on your computer nor have a scanner but you have a smart phone? Try downloading CAM SCANNER app. This app will allow you to take a photo of a document and convert it to PDF format!

Once you have collected the above documents, you will need a UW NetID to access the online I-20 request form below:

Once your request is completed, please allow 5 business days for an advisor to respond to you.

IMPORTANT!: If you currnetly have an active SEVIS record, please do NOT transfer the SEVIS record to UW Tacoma until you hear back from a UW Tacoma International Student Advisor. 


To Transfer Students

Transfer Students normally are maintaining active SEVIS record in the U.S. and still enrolled at another institution during the time of acceptance to UW Tacoma. As soon as the payment of New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee OR Enrollment Confirmation Deposit is completed, please start the process of requesting I-20 from UW Tacoma. In the Online I-20 Request Form, request, "Transfer Pending I-20". You will be asked to enter your current institution information. Get in touch with your current international student advisor gather necessary information. Please do NOT have your current advisor transfer your SEVIS record to UW Tacoma until you hear back from a UWT International Student Advisor. Your current advisor may ask to fill out "Transfer Out Form" and submit a copy of official acceptance language from UW Tacoma. At UW Tacoma, we do not use "Transfer In Form". All transfer information is collected in the Online I-20 Request Form. 

To Students Changing Visas

International Student Charge: If you initially started attending UW Tacoma with a visa other than F-1 and now requesting I-20 to obtain F-1 visa/status, please note that you will be charged a one-time, non-refundable $70 charge. This charge is to off-set significant administrative costs of the on-boarding process for all F-1 students and for year-round programming.

International Student Health Insurance: All F-1 students are automatically billed for ISHIP (International Student Health Insurance Program). If you already have health insurance in the U.S. there is way to waive it. To learn more, please visit this website