I-94 Arrival/ Departure Record

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It is important to download your I-94 as soon as you return to the U.S. from an international travel. You will be asked to provide I-94 number when applying for an Optional Practical Training benefit or at some other occasions.

How to Download I-94

Get your passport and printer ready! Go to www.cbp.gov/i94 and enter following info:

  • Family Name
  • First Name
  • Birth Date
  • Passport Number
  • Country of Issuance (This is your country of citizenship. It is NOT necessarily the country where your passport was issued) 

Trouble Downlading I-94?

Email the following information to: i-94.correction.seattle@cbp.dhs.gov

  • A copy of passport 
  • A copy of current I-20
  • A copy of current visa
  • Date of arrival to U.S.
  • Airport or Boarder Crossing Location
  • Airline Name