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Chris Beasley

Dr. Beasley is a community psychologist and activist who conducts community-engaged applied research on the social and psychological factors that facilitate and hinder transitions from prison to college.

Dr. Beasley is the founder of the Post-Prison Education Research Lab (PERL)

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Jeff Cohen

Dr. Cohen’s scholarship focuses on the intersections of gender, masculinities and crime, multi-perspective, mixed-methods research and the criminalization of school bullying

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Diana Falco

Diana Falco’s research focuses on criminal justice policy with a concentration on punitiveness and capital punishment.


Janelle Hawes

Dr. Hawes is a sociologist whose research focuses on students, education and the criminal justice system, specifically latino and Native American students.

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Eric Madfis

Dr. Madfis is a nationally-recognized expert on school violence. His research focuses on the causes and prevention of school violence, hate crime, and mass murder

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Stephen Ross

Dr. Ross is a psychologist engaged in applied social cognition research, and is interested in understanding how the social and cognitive processes associated with memory and decision-making influence actions within the criminal legal system.

Dr. Ross founded and directs the UWT Center for Applied Social Cognition Research

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