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Elizabeth Bruch

Dr. Bruch’s scholarship adopts a socio-legal approach to issues of international law and policy, especially human rights and humanitarian law.

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Margaret Griesse

Dr. Griesse's main areas of research include social movements in Latin America, with a focus on Brazil; transversal and transnational studies on gender; and social responsibility within emerging nations.


Cynthia Howson

Dr. Howson is a development political economist, whose research focuses on the role of regulation in people's competition for resources in poor and emerging economies.

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Ben Meiches

Dr. Meiches' research focuses on global politics. He is particularly interested in armed conflict, genocide, and the development of international law.


Amos Nascimento

Dr. Nascimento is a philosopher specializing in Critical Theory, Discourse Theory and Discourse Ethics (focusing on the works of Juergen Habermas and Karl-Otto Apel). His work applies to Human Rights and Cosmopolitanism, German Philosophy (Kant, Habermas), Latin American Philosophy (Dussel), Applied Ethics and Environmental Philosophy.


Turan Kayaoglu

Dr. Kayaoglu's research focuses on intersection of religion, human rights, and international relations theory. He is particularly interested in how Islamic actors advance their goals in international organizations.