Financing Law School

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Financing and Financial Planning

Access Lex provides financial education resources for students including guides to the financial aid process, comparison guides to schools, and more.

The LSAC also has a guide to financial aid and financing education.

Scholarships and Fellowship Information

If you need advice or help applying for fellowships or awards to help you get ready for law school or pursue law-related research or other opportunities, make an appointment with Cindy Schaarschmidt. Cindy is the UW Tacoma Director of Student Fellowships and Awards.

The American Bar Association also has a Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund.

You can find a list of diversity-related scholarships on the LSAC website as well.

Thanks to UWT alumna and UWSchool of Law student Dani Coony for also compiling this list of schools providing funding for those interested in public service work.