U.S. Law and public policy

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Chris Demaske

Dr. Demaske’s research focuses on First Amendment law, feminist studies, and free press theory.

Dr. Demaske also runs the UWT-MSU journalism exchange program.

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Sarah Hampson

Dr. Hampson is a political scientist and sociolegal scholar whose research focuses on U.S. public policy related to gender, including work and family policy and Title IX.

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Danica Miller

Dr. Miller’s research analyzes how various works by Native American writers—including Mourning Dove, D’arcy McNickle, Louise Erdrich, Leslie Marmon Silko and Sherman Alexie—engage the ways in which federal laws attempt to limit Native American tribal sovereignty. She is also currently writing a book about Puyallup Tribal sovereignty.

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Randy Nichols

Dr. Nichols’s research focuses on entertainment policy, specifically within the video game industry

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Anne Taufen Wessells

Dr. Taufen Wessell’s research focuses on planning for sustainable urban development, with two main areas of policy interest: narrative constructions of urban spatial policy, and public access to urban waterways

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Anaid Yerena

Dr. Yerena’s current and future research interests fall within the domain of affordable housing policy in the U.S. and Latin America, specifically the development of housing policies and locational choice of housing

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