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At the UW Tacoma Library, we’ve been exploring new ways to communicate with students, faculty, and staff about our services and collections. One of our newest outreach efforts is the creation of a Library blog.

The blog is a place for us to share when the Library is hosting events, such as our Real Lit[erature] Book Club, or the first annual UW Tacoma Hackathon. We also post updates when the exhibits in the Snoqualmie and Tioga Library Buildings have been refreshed with new themes and materials:

Screenshot of a blog article: "A New Exhibit on Climate Change"

We especially love sharing information about how to use the library effectively, including updated hours, staff profiles, and spotlights on databases accessible through UW Libraries. For example, graduate student employee Kari Whitney posted “10 Cool Things: Research Help”, a list of tips about the Research Help Desk to help students feel more comfortable approaching the desk for assistance. We will also post when there are opportunities to work at the Library, for both staff and student employee positions.

A lot of archival and historical work happens behind the scenes at the Library, so the blog lets us share valuable insights into Tacoma community history. Much of the historical information comes from the UW Tacoma’s Oral History Collection, including a recent post celebrating International Women’s Day in March with profiles on “Influential Women of the Puget Sound”.

Screenshot of a blog article: "Interviews with Influential Women of the Puget Sound"

Faculty will also find valuable information on the blog. Newly promoted or tenured faculty have been invited to commemorate their advancement by sharing book recommendations through our new monthly Meaningful Reads series. Our Instructional Design Librarian, Marisa Petrich, has written a guide to what her position entails and how she can support teaching. The Library also shares faculty development opportunities, especially Open Access (OA) publishing for faculty research.  

Blog articles are written by staff throughout the Library, including student employees. Articles are tagged by subject to allow readers to find similar articles of interest to them. Some topics include:

There’s even a Photo of the Week every Thursday to lift spirits and remind us all how beautiful our library can be. New articles are posted several times a week, and a ton of information is already available. So stay tuned to the UW Tacoma Library Blog!

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Hallie Clawson / May 15, 2019
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Screenshots by Hallie Clawson, Images by Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman and Erika Wigren
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Marisa Petrich,