Introducing Katie Monks, Head, Instruction Services

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UW Tacoma's newest librarian describes her vision for library instruction.

Katie Monks, Head, InstructionThe Library’s new Head of Instruction Services, Kathleen “Katie” Monks, brings a unique perspective as an alumnae of UW Tacoma (‘06). While Katie has been away for 5 years, working at Texas A&M and the University of Idaho, the expertise she gained at UW Tacoma have been ever-present, “My student experience was transformative—I developed skills to become successful in my career and life. It is amazing what you can do with a degree from UW Tacoma.”  

What is your vision for library instruction at UW Tacoma?

“The ability to effectively and efficiently use information has become a life skill, one which is necessary to thrive in our information-rich society. Through course instruction, workshops, and online teaching resources, the Library Instruction Program at UW Tacoma strives to foster critical thinking and research skills to support the future careers and lives of students.” 

As a former student do you have any advice to share?

“When beginning my studies at UW Tacoma I was anxious about asking for help. After struggling with research I finally approached the Library Staff and found them to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone at the library cares about your success as a student.”

Why did you become a librarian?

“When I enrolled at UW Tacoma, I planned on becoming a school teacher. However after using the campus library I applied and was hired for a job as a Student Assistant. The next year (my senior year), I volunteered as a Reference Docent where I learned the intricacies of assisting students with their research. In particular, the ability to connect teaching with technology appealed to me. After completing my Master Library and Information Science degree, I began working as a librarian. I love all aspects of my job, from teaching research skills to building web resources, and much more—librarians preform a wide variety of work that many people are not aware of.”

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Anna Salyer / September 26, 2014
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