Welcoming New UW Tacoma Librarians

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Focusing on First Year Experience and Instruction Design

The UW Tacoma Library would like to introduce and extend a warm welcome to two new librarians who started their positions on April 2, 2018. After completing national searches, we are fortunate to bring two highly qualified graduates of UW Tacoma “back” to our campus to fill permanent positions and contribute their unique skills to the UW Tacoma campus and the UW Libraries. Both of these positions fill open staff lines that have been reconfigured to focus on campus priorities.

First Year Experience LibrarianWelcoming Marisa Petrich, Instructional Design Librarian, and Alaina Bull, First Year Experience Librarian

Alaina Bull is joining our team as the First Year Experience Librarian, and in this position, she looks forward to creating collaborative partnerships locally on campus and across the UW Libraries. She has worked previously as a librarian at Green River College and as a graduate student at the Odegaard Undergraduate Library. She holds an MLIS from UW Information School.

Ms. Bull has a background in business and big data, having spent five years managing staffing and technology for a group of call centers. After completing her MLIS in 2015, she spent a year working in information architecture consulting before making her way back to the library world. She joined the research team with Project Information Literacy in 2016 as a Research Fellow, and returned to academic libraries in 2017. Her interests are in sustainable instruction and design, the intersection of data and practice, and innovative pedagogy. She may be contacted at alainac@uw.edu.

Instructional Design Librarian

As the new Instructional Design Librarian on campus, Marisa Petrich looks forward to helping the Library, the campus, and colleagues across the UW Libraries reconsider how we participate in and deliver teaching and learning. She also comes to after holding positions at Green River College and Odegaard Undergraduate Library. She completed an MLIS from the UW Information School.

Ms. Petrich initially began her career as a journalist, having gained experience as a student reporter on The Ledger, the UW Tacoma campus newspaper. After an internship at National Geographic Traveler, she worked at several regional newspapers before entering into a career in libraries. During her time as a graduate student, she helped establish the Libraries and Social Justice Open Conference. More recently, she created a well-received workshop and tutorial that helps students to think critically about Fake (or False) News. She may be contacted at marisp2@uw.edu.

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Justin wadland / April 9, 2018