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I have been using the Canvas Library Teaching Repository this fall in my THIST 380 Research Methods course, helping history students prepare for their senior paper. Not only have the library's Canvas modules been very helpful in class in guiding students toward skills and resources needed for doing primary and secondary source research, the students love them, and have been doing some modules on their own outside of class: One student, told me, "I watched all the videos and really liked how they used humor to explain the concepts. The humor made it easier to focus on learning the material.”

- Elizbeth ‘Libi’ Sundermann, Lecturer, IAS

To request access to or information about the UWT Library Canvas Repository, contact Marisa Petrich (marisp2@uw.edu).

What is the UWT Library Canvas Repository?

The UWT Library Canvas Repository is a series of pre-made Canvas modules addressing library research and information literacy skills. These modules can be imported as needed into other UW Tacoma Canvas courses.

Topics include:

  • Using the library
  • Evaluating sources
  • Database search strategies
  • Developing research topics and questions
  • Effective strategies for literature reviews
  • Developing keywords
  • Identifying and using primary sources

Each module utilizes written and visual content to teach students critical thinking and information literacy concepts. Additionally there is a combination of interactive activities (quizzes, videos, discussions), and text.

Who is using it?

Currently 100+ UW Tacoma faculty, librarians, and employees have access to the UWT Library Canvas Repository. These faculty members represent diverse programs and levels at UW Tacoma, from Science to Hispanic Studies, and freshman to graduate courses.

How do I get access?

This resource is avaialble to all UW employees. To request access to the Canvas Library Teaching Repository, contact Instructional Design Librarian Marisa Petrich (marisp2@uw.edu).

Once you have been added to the repository, it will appear in your Canvas account in your list of courses. From there you will be able to review the available modules and import them into your other Canvas courses on a case-by-case basis.

Training and consultations on importing Canvas modules into your courses or teaching library research skills online are also available by appointment.

For all other Canvas questions contact Academic Innovation’s Director of E-Learning Services, Darcy Janzen (janzen@uw.edu).


The UWT Library Canvas Repository (then called the Canvas Library Teaching Repository) was created between Spring and Summer Quarters of 2015, inspired by the work of the UW Libraries Educational Outreach Team. As fall of 2015 approached, the library’s Head of Instruction introduced the repository to faculty and added them on an opt-in basis. The repository has continued to grow and change since.