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All UW Tacoma faculty and staff can have a Library-maintained author profile in the UW Tacoma Expert Gallery. Use this form to sign up for the "Unlocking UW Tacoma Scholarly Work Pilot" and to have library staff create or make an updates to your profile. Most of the fields on this form are optional, but providing more information allows your profile to more fully reflect the nature and scope of your teaching and research at UW Tacoma.

Submitting your CV or other publication record will allow library staff to begin to populate your profile with versions of articles that can be made openly available through UW Tacoma Digital Commons. For other works, we will link to licensed electronic versions in the UW Libraries whenever possible.

If you select “Yes,” Library staff will create an author profile for you if you don’t have one already and begin contacting you whenever you publish a new scholarly article that can be deposited and openly shared. More about the “Unlocking UW Tacoma Scholarly Work” pilot project.
Please write a brief biograph describing yourself and your work. This will go in the "About" section of your page.
This is where you enter your academic discipline(s) and broad areas of study. There is a maximum of three.
Please enter brief phrases separated by semi-colons.These are terms that will help others find and learn about your research interests and skills. (e.g. "Consumerism, Marketing, Overeating, Well-being; Existentialism" or "Gender; Masculinities; Integral Theory; Restorative Justice; and Bullying")
If you select “Yes,” please provide C.V. or a list of recent publications. Library staff will use this list to populate your author profile with the five most recent publications or works and will add more as staff time permits. We will also send you a preliminary report of which of these recent works can be shared openly on your profile.

Submit C.V., Publication Record, and/or Photo (Optional)

We highly recommend submitting your C.V. if you would like library staff to create a profile or update your publication record. If you provide your C.V. we will:

  • Add it to your SelectedWorks Profile.
  • Curate a full list of publications for your profile, with links to full-text whenever possible.
  • Create a publication report that identifies which versions of your publications can be made openly available on your profile.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx odt.
We will add this photo to your profile page.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png doc.
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