Instruction Program Roadmap

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Step 1:

  • Draft: Mission, vision, goals, and student learning objectives (i.e. Information Literacy Plan)

Step 2:

  • Focus: Feedback for Information Literacy Plan. Draft best practices.

  • Draft: Continue to refine the Information Literacy Plan.

Step 3:

  • Focus: Gather general curriculum mapping and sequencing feedback from librarians & faculty.

  • Draft: Make Information Literacy Plan publicly available. Conduct faculty focus group for input. Create structure for curriculum mapping (ongoing).

Step 4:

  • Focus: Sequencing documentation. Develop subject/degree specific fact sheets to share with programs. Discuss Canvas integration. Revisit created products and prepare to share broadly.

  • Draft: Canvas materials. Create Information Literacy website for faculty. Curriculum mapping and sequencing deliverables (ongoing).

Step 5:

  • Focus: Promote Information Literacy program to faculty/academic units. Collecting feedback for marketing from stakeholders.

  • Draft: Communicate and share materials for faculty. Begin investigating assessment options.

Step 6:

  • Focus: Discuss assessment project.

  • Draft: Refine assessment project.

Step 7:

  • Focus: Collect and assess data.

  • Draft: Information Literacy program assessment fact sheet. Share fact sheet with campus.

Step 8:

  • Focus: Continually refine Information Literacy program.

  • Draft: Develop new Information Literacy program roadmap.