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MAIS is governed by both the UW Graduate School and the School of Interdisciplinary Sciences, providing students with multiple levels of protection and support in the grievance process. “Students are encouraged, but not required, to try and resolve issues with the faculty (or staff). If this is not possible, or issues are not able to be resolved directly, the next step is to refer to the MAIS Graduate Program Directorand/or the Graduate Program Advisor, who can work on behalf of students through an informal conciliation process.  If the MAIS Director is not able to find resolution, the next step in the process is for the student to contact the SIAS Associate Dean for Student Support and Success, who can advise students on whether to file a formal grievance complaint with SIAS or the Graduate School.

The SIAS Associate Dean for Student Support and Success is responsible for managing and resolving escalated student complaints, reviewing and standardizing processes and policies regarding student complaints, creating opportunities for student feedback, and representing SIAS in discussions with Disability Support Services and the Student Conduct Office.

The Graduate School deals with cases where students seek resolution of their complaints of unfair treatment in the administration of academic policies. See Graduate School Memorandum No. 33 for details on this process and note deadlines for filing complaints.

Students are welcome to file a formal grievance with SIAS or Graduate School at any point in time. It is advised, however, that students follow the recommended steps to attempt resolution informally first.