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Graduate School Requirements

The UW Graduate School website provides instructions, guidelines and procedures about graduate education at the UW. The offical policies of the Graduate School are listed in the Graduate School Memoranda. MBAs must satisfy the Graduate School requirements that are in force at the time the degree is awarded.

The Graduate School supports all department requirements and will not authorize graduation unless the Milgard School of Business MBA requirements are also met.

MBA Graduation Requirements

  • Effective autumn quarter 2016: Completion of 64 credits including all MBA core classes and
  • At least 8 graded elective credits completed from the summer quarter Tacoma MBA courses.
  • No more that 5 credits taken in 400-level Tacoma business courses
  • Grades of 2.7 or better or "Satisfactory" or "Credit" in all coursework used to satisfy degree requirements
  • Must remove any X, N, or I grades posted on transcripts for courses needed to satisfy MBA degree requirements.
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Registration in the quarter which degree requirements are fulfilled

Student Conduct Code

As responsible members of the graduate academic community, MBAs are expected to observe standards of conduct that are appropriate to the pursuit of academic goals.

Maintaining graduate status and good academic standing

To maintain graduate status, a graduate student must be continuously enrolled on a full-time, part-time or on-leave basis from the time of first enrollment in the UW Graduate School until completion of all requirements for the MBA degree. Failure to maintain continuous enrollment constitutes evidence that the student has resigned from the Graduate School and the Milgard School of Business MBA Program.

On-leave status may be granted on an individual basis. Students should meet with the MBA adviser for further information about the on-leave process or to inquire about seeking readmission for failing to maintain continuous enrollment. Read more about requesting on-leave status.

To be in good academic standing, graduate students must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 for all 400 and 500-level graded courses taken after attaining graduate status at the University of Washington.

Low Scholarship

Students whose cumulative or quarterly GPA falls below a 3.0 will be reviewed each quarter and provided with an explanation of performance expectations and a timetable for correction of deficiencies. The Policy on Academic Progress provides the circumstances under which students' status in the MBA program may change.

The Graduate School Memorandum No. 16 covers continuation or termination of students in the Graduate School. Students may appeal change of status directly to the Milgard School of Business MBA Program Director. Appeals beyond this point should follow the process outlined in Graduate School Memorandum No. 33, Academic Grievance Procedure.

Grading System

The grading system for graduate students is covered in the Graduate School Memorandum No. 19.

Additionally, an Incomplete received in an MBA Core Course must be converted into a passing grade by the end of the next quarter. In no case may an Incomplete be converted into a passing grade after a lapse of two years or more. An Incomplete will remain a permanent part of the student record.

An X indicates a grade was not submitted by the instructor.

Ungraded Credits (S/NS)

Required courses may not be taken S/NS. Students admitted prior to autumn quarter 2012 may complete no more than 8 credits of elective courses as S/NS.  Students admitted autumn 2012 and later must take their 16 credits of elective courses for a grade.  An exception will be made for no more than 5 credits of Internship (TBUS 568) credit.

Repeating Courses

Graduate student may repeat any course. The first and second grades will be included in the cumulative GPA. Subsequent grades will not be included, but will appear on the permanent record. The number of credits earned in the course will apply only once toward degree requirements.

Required MBA courses must be repeated if a passing grade is not earned. Refer to MBA Graduation Requirements for passing grades. Another course may be substituted for a failed elective course.

Elective and Transfer Credits

Information about elective credits completed in Tacoma MBA elective courses or earned at UW outside the Tacoma MBA, and information about transfer credits from other institutions is found in the Milgard School of Business MBA Program Transfer and Waiver Credits Policy