European Summer School 2020

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Next year the Milgard school is going back to Bielefeld, Germany, to study business management, culture and economics.

"My advice would be that studying abroad is totally possible. Before I knew about study abroad, I didn't know how to afford it, how'd I'd get there, how'd I'd survive in a different country. But it's been probably the most memorable experience of my entire college career...", Rosanna said (one of this year's study abroad students that's displayed in the image below, third from left). Rosanna was proceeded by her classmate Jared (second from left) that stated "I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. It's been the best part of my college experience by far... If I had some advice, I'd say be comfortable with who you are, and be able to explore who you are. If you come on a study abroad program set in your ways, it's going to be very difficult, but if you come to it with an open mind and an open heart I think you're going to find that there's a lot out there for you, that you may have never thought about...". The Milgard School of Business on behalf of UW Tacoma offers the European Summer School annually.

Student group in Bielefeld, Germany, 2019

Students continued to explain that the European Summer School study provided opportunities to see places like Berlin, Amsterdam, and Munich, all on their own time- in addition to the academic content of their courses. There's flexibility for students to adventure independently or with peers along with scheduled fieldtrips to cities such as Frankfurt and Rotterdam. A large percentage of UW students utilize financial aid to study abroad. Most types of financial aid can be applied to study abroad fees. 

The program offers students an opportunity to be immersed in German culture and to learn about the European business environment from the perspective of regional, national and international firms. Students will begin the program at UW Tacoma during spring quarter 2020 where they will take 2 to 6 credits of independent study before leaving for the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld (Fachhochschule (FH) Bielefeld in German) in May.

Apply by November 30th, 2019. Learn more by visiting the program page.

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Shane Benoit / November 25, 2019
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Shane Benoit