Meet our Staff: Trish and Sally

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Meet Trish and Sally, our staff from the Milgard Success Center, helping students achieve career success

Trish Zander, Executive Director Milgard Success Center



Trish is a first generation college graduate who studied Marketing and Accounting at the University of Washington Seattle and UCLA. Right out of college, Trish made her mark in the business world when she started her own Service Bureau company in Seattle. The Service Bureau supported other businesses with their advertising, marketing, database work, etc. Later, she sold her business to The Seattle Times and accepted a position at Microsoft. This is where she managed $60M of funds to partners in the US as a Channel Marketing Manager. Then, she became a Program Manager that managed sales of $1 billion and incentives to partners of $125M. After 13 years at Microsoft, she decided to take a job opening as the Director of Student Affairs at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Several years later, she took an offer as an Administrator for the Milgard School of Business. By August 2017, the former Dean asked Trish if she could manage the Professional Development Center for Milgard Students, which is now known today as the Milgard Success Center. Trish played a pivotal part in the development of this center because of her impressive business background and strong dedication to help students become more successful.

The Milgard Success Center is an opportunity for students to get up-to-date business advice, engage in upcoming networking events, build up their resume, and so much more. The competitive nature of the job market can be quite intimidating, especially fresh out of college. Therefore, Trish encourages students to make an appointment as early as possible to get a head start on planning their future career goals, so they can be better prepared for the real-world before their upcoming graduation date.

Trish Zander also highly recommends that, “every Milgard student should take advantage of this amazing resource.”

MEET SALLY SCHWARTZ, our assistant manager at the Milgard Success Center!

Sally Schwartz is a college graduate who majored in History & minored in Global studies. Later, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration. As a college student, Sally worked a wide variety of jobs - she was a hostess, server, camp counselor, environmental educator, and the list goes on. Right out of college, Sally continued to gain internship experience at various non-profit organizations throughout the east coast. Over time, she became a college Admissions Advisor and Recruiter. During her experience as a Recruiter for a college in Olympia, she managed large territories in Northern/Southern California and Minnesota. Eventually, all the traveling for work had worn her out and she wanted to stay in Tacoma to be close to the man she now calls her husband. At that point in time, she decided to take on a job as a Graduate Advisor and Recruiter at the University of Washington Tacoma. Today, Sally plays an instrumental part in the innovation of the Milgard Success Center as the Assistant Manager. This is shown through her commitment to helping students put their best self forward by building up their resume, feel comfortable during their upcoming interview processes, and connecting them with relevant industry professionals and alumni through the events that Milgard offers. 

Sally Schwartz emphasizes how important it is to make an appointment at the Milgard Success Center because “while some people do work in their field of study and love it, many of us (me included) must try on many different hats and see what we excel at and what we like.”

Sally Schwartz, Assistant Manager Milgard Success Center

Sally Schwartz, Success Center Assistant Manager


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Shane Benoit | Written by business student team: Julia Chung, Diana Momotyuk, Evan Doyle, Will Syhlman / February 27, 2020
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Shane Benoit