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POPULATION: The Milgard Alumni Engagement Program is led by a group of area business leaders from the Milgard Executive Council, along with Milgard School Director of Development, Kevin Dugan, and Deanna Blanchfield of Milgard staff. A recent, comprehenseive survey asked alumni if they had attended a Milgard or alumni event in the last 2 years – 80% said they had not. Given this feedback, the Alumni Engagement group will now begin planning future events informed by the responses given through this survey.

The Milgard School’s goal is to bring our graduates together, build community and share our current and future successes. Work has already begun to create a first of its kind virtual alumni event by the end of August. Stay tuned for an announcement and invite that will be coming your way soon. 


The message from Interim Dean Altaf Merchant went out in mid-April to over 4,700 Milgard alumni, yielding responses from 272 individuals, or 6% of those asked. This was completed in Mid-May. Four alumni who responded were randomly selected and awarded a $50 gift card for their time and consideration.

About the Responding Alumni:

·        Graduated in last 5 years: 36%

·        Graduated in last 10 years: 63%

·        Undergraduate degree earned: 69%

·        Graduate degree earned: 31%  (Note: No MCL graduates responded)

By degree responding:

·        BA, Business Administration: 67%

·        MBA: 23%

·        MAcc: 5%

·        MSBA: 1.4%

Top responses when asked what they remembered most about their days at UWT/Milgard:

·        Interactions with faculty (21%)

·        Friends and classmates (19%)

·        Quality education (14%)

·        Hope for a great future (9.25%)

·        Support and kindness of staff (9%)

Written by: 
Kevin Dugan, Deanna Blanchfield, Web editing: Shane Benoit / July 1, 2020
Media contact: 

Shane Benoit