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With initial funding from the Gary E. Milgard Foundation, The Milgard Success Center launched in November 2017. The focus of the Success Center is to work with the local South Sound community to assess employment needs, encourage internships and fill open permanent positions with current Milgard students and alumni.

Student meeting with Brown & Brown Insurance at the 2018 business & industries career fair

2018 business & industries career fair

It's an exciting time at the Milgard School of Business. All business students and alumni have new services available to them to help launch and enhance their careers with the opening of the Milgard Success Center, which has now been open for 7 months. Students are encouraged to participate in the Center activities early in order to take advantage of all that is available. 

As these activities occur, the team of Sally Schwartz, Assistant Manager, and Trish Zander, Executive Director of the Center, have also been readying the undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of career services.  Some of the services that the Success Center offers are:

i. Career counseling

  1. Choosing career pathways
  2. Interest & skills assessments 

ii.Resume and cover-letter reviews

iii.Mock interviews & interview prep

iv.Job & internship search strategies

v.Linked In profile support

vi.Handshake introduction and use

vii.Classroom presentations

viii.Career education workshops

ix.Hosting local business for their recruitment needs

The Success Center provides services to current and former students. There are currently 630 students in the Milgard School of Business and close to 4,000 alumni. The center is connecting in various ways with students- email, social media, print media, classroom presentations, info-sessions and events.  To connect with community businesses, email is the most common as well as Linked In. The center has hosted several visits by employers this year and has an interview room for employers to reserve. Overall, the business community has been very receptive to the focus and this dedicated connection that is now available.   

The Success Center encourages students to participate in at least one internship while an undergraduate. Internships during the school year are normally part-time and paid at an hourly rate of $12-$18.  Summer internships tend to be full-time opportunities.

The Milgard School of Business is the only UW department that subscribes to Handshake, an online national job and internship platform that is specific to university students and recent graduates.  The platform is well designed and employers can post job openings directly to the system at no charge.  Once approved they can apply directly within the system, or in some cases, need to apply via the organization’s website such as is required by Federal and State authorities.

So far over 250 of the Milgard students have created profiles on Handshake, and nearly 200 students have uploaded their resumes and cover letters for review.  Students are making appointments to meet with Sally and Trish and are dropping in for career advice.  This academic year the center has sent 43,000 emails announcing the ‘Top Jobs and Internships of the Week.’  With the Handshake analytics, they are able to see that 85% of these emails are opened upon receipt. 

The Success Center has approved and promoted 144 new internships and 540 new jobs since November, has hosted several events and employers on campus.  They hosted a successful Summer Internship Career Forum in February where 17 employers visited with over 150 business students. See the recap video of this event below:

Coming in August, the center will host the first Success Conference 2018, which is a one day event filled with industry experts, workshops, and speakers and opportunities to network with alumni.  The event is for undergraduate business students and will be held on the UW Tacoma campus on August 28th.   

For more information about the Milgard Success Center, contact Trish Zander ( or Sally Schwartz (  They are located in Dougan 290 on the University of Washington Tacoma campus.

The Success Center is located in DOUGAN 290

A candid shot at the 2018 business & industries career fair

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Written by: 
Shane Benoit, Trish Zander / May 23, 2018
Photos by: 
Shane Benoit
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Shane Benoit