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Snoqualmie Library, UW Tacoma campus 2019

List of Research Faculty Members

Accounting Faculty

Bryan, Daniel, Associate Professor
Financial Report, Bankruptcy

Cao, Zhiyan (Juliet), Associate Professor
Financial Reporting, Litigation Risk, Corporate Governance, Corporate Credit Risk

Feroz, Ehsan, Professor
Corporate Bonds and Financial Restatements, Financial Forensics

Saudagaran, Shahrokh, Professor
International Accounting & Global Capital Markets; Financial Reporting in Emerging Markets; Corporate Social Responsibility

Seow, Gim, Associate Professor
Financial Reporting & Disclosures, Derivatives and Risk Management, Corporate Governance Issues

Tripathy, Arindam, Associate Professor

Zhang, Xia (Eliza), Assistant Professor
Financial Accounting and Auditing

Business Analytics Faculty

Bergman, Margo, Senior Lecturer
Health Decision Making, Viral Information, Neurology of Decision Making, Patient/Provider Communication

Davalos, Sergio, Associate Professor
Text mining of Social Media and Financial & Accounting Documents

Demirkan, Haluk, Professor
Business analytics, service innovation, artificial intelligence, future-of-work, service-oriented technology & management

Zhang, Luna , Assistant Professor
Business analytics, e-commerce, mobile economy, online consumer behavior, information systems and operations management interface

Economics & Finance Faculty

Leng, Fei, Associate Professor
Bankruptcy, Share repurchases, Corporate bonds

Norman, Stephen, Associate Professor
Applied Time Series Analysis, Economic History, International Economics

Noronha, Gregory, Professor

Management Faculty

Barsness, Zoe, Associate Professor

Eberly, Marion, Associate Professor
Attribution theory, Employee voluntary turnover, Leadership

Fleming, Brandon, Assistant Professor

Jago, Arthur, Assistant Professor

Jain, Shalini, Assistant Professor

Purdy, Jill, Professor
Social entrepreneurs,institutional influences on business social practices, and cross-sector collaboration and conflict resolution

Thompson, Tracy, Associate Professor
Strategic management; Organizational change; Institutional change

Marketing Faculty

Jindal, Rupinder, Associate Professor
Focus on issues of co-ordination and control in channels and retailing along with research on enhancing the value proposition of products and service, and measuring constructs related to advertising and word of mouth.

Merchant, Altaf, Associate Professor
Advertising, Branding, Consumer Behavior, Scale Development with specific focus on nostalgia, brand heritage and cross-cultural research.

Rose, Gregory, Professor
Branding, brand heritage, consumer socialization, sports marketing, and marketing ethics.

Sivadas, Eugene, Professor
Inter-firm Relationships,Health Care Marketing

Latest Publications

"Fundamental Valuation in Six Asian Countries: Roles of Earnings, Book Value, and Dividends". Boonlert, Kriengkrai Boonlert, Shahrokh Saudagaran and Pradyot Sen. (forthcoming). Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.

"Smart services: The move to customer orientation". Alt, R., H. Demirkan, J.F. Ehmke, A. Moen and A. Winter. (2019) Electronic Markets, 29 (1), 1-6, March.

“Relative Value in Corporate Bond Sectors”. Leng, Fei and Gregory Noronha. (2019). Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Vol. 52, No. 3, 717-735.

“Managing employee retention and turnover with 21st century ideas”. Lee, T. W., P.W. Hom, M.B. Eberly, and J. Li. (2018). Organizational Dynamics, 47:88-98. Doi:10.1016/j.orgdyn.2017.08.004

“Developing an Emic Scale to Measure Ad-evoked Nostalgia in a Collectivist Emerging Market, India,” Jain, Varsha, Altaf Merchant, Subhadip Roy and John Ford. (2019). Journal of Business Research, 99, 140-156.

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