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For questions about… Contact
Access Keycards and physical keys Efi Spacher
Academic Advisors BABA: Melody James, Kerry Barker, Annemarie Martin; MAcc: Annemarie Martin; MSBA: Heidi Norbjerg; MBA: Ellen Hermansen
Annual Reviews Staff: contact supervisor; Faculty: Altaf Merchant
Book Orders Nikki Tabafunda or Kelly Kledzik
Bus Passes (U-Pass) What is the U Pass
Classroom requests (for courses) Aubree Steffens
Room requests (for non-courses) Nikki Tabafunda
Classroom/media support Call 253-692-4419 or email Media Services at to check out a podium key and arrange for a brief orientation
Computer and Printing support Email: or visit IT help desk
Copy Codes Nikki Tabafunda or Kelly Kledzik
Course Evaluations Nikki Tabafunda
Course scheduling Altaf Merchant or Aubree Steffens
Event Scheduling Alison Hendricks
Faculty Searches Alison Hendricks
Faculty Fellows Program Alison Hendricks
Final Exam Schedule 2019-20 Final Exam Schedule
Grade Change Form Online Grade Change form
Internships Trish Zander, Sally Schwartz
Leave requests for faculty Altaf Merchant
Leave requests for staff Workday
Library Reserves Library Reserves
Mailman lists – Graduate students Ellen Hermansen, Annemarie Martin, Heidi Norbjerg
Mailman lists – Undergaduate students Nikki Tabafunda
Mailman lists – Faculty and Staff Alison Hendricks
Media requests for courses being taught (to check out materials) Library Reserves
Social Media Marketing (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) Shane Benoit
Meeting room reservations Nikki Tabafunda
Milgard Executive Council Kelly Kledzik
NetID Support NetID webpage
Office Supplies DOU 401A. If you cannot find what you need, contact Nikki
Parking (UW Tacoma quarterly or annual permits Transportation Services
Parking passes (for guests) Efi Spacher
Payroll (issues/questions) Danelle Pettersen, Kelly Kledzik, Alison Hendricks
Photography Shane Benoit
Professional Development Funds balance Kelly Kledzik
Promotion and Tenure Alison Hendricks
Purchases Alison Hendricks
Recruiting BABA: Heidi Norbjerg; MAcc, MBA, MSBA: Cynthia DeHope
Reimbursements Efi Spacher
Scholarships Alison Hendricks
Space Planning Alison Hendricks
Student Career Services Trish, Zander, Sally Schwartz
Syllabi Nikki Tabafunda
Time sheets Workday
Travel for faculty (questions and approval forms) Approval from Altaf Merchant
Visas (H1B, J1), Visiting Scholars Alison Hendricks
Website Shane Benoit