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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

The MSBA Program allows students to become T-shaped analytical thinkers & adaptive innovators who can collaborate with smart machines (Collaborating Intelligence = Humans + Smart Machines) efficiently & effectively.

From the first day of the program, students will join a team to tackle real-world analytics projects with companies. Students have the opportunity to apply concepts, principles and methods associated with business analytics to solve complex problems in an application domain associated with their area of interest (e.g. analytics specialization in marketing, HR, ERP/supply chain, logistics, operations, manufacturing, sales, advertising, finance, retail, education, healthcare, sports, e-commerce, IT, telecommunications, hospitality/tourism, public services, utilities and more).

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The culmination of students’ hard work is showcased through live demo/poster style sessions open to public viewing. Each team is represented and is able to discuss the analytics methodology followed to co-create the digital solution, specifically highlighting the tools and techniques they used to discover, plan, develop and deploy their working prototype analytics solutions.

  • During AY 17-18, students have worked with a diverse range of industry partners including Boeing, CHI Franciscan Health, Costco, DataCentral, Delta Airlines, Metro Parks, South Sound Military Community Partnership, Stellar Industrial Supply, and Turnover Intelligence.
  • During AY 18-19, students haveare working with a diverse range of industry partners including Microsoft, CHI Franciscan Health, City of Tacoma, Columbia Bank, Metro Parks, and Harbor Wholesale Foods.

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Unique, hands-on applied virtual software solutions through Milgard's Center for Business Analytics Digital Transformation Lab.

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The Milgard School of Business invite leaders who bring fresh insights and perspectives on range across topics in leadership, innovation, decision making, analytics, smart solutions, emerging solutions and others.


  • INFORMS STUDENT CHAPTER: By leading and participating in the INFORMS Student Chapter at University of Washington Tacoma, MSBA students have opportunuties to further develop professsional and academic knowledge, and to co-create value with other students, faculty and staff at the University of Washington System in the area of analytics, operations research and management science.
  • VALUE NETWORKS: During their MSBA study, students become members of the following professional and academic organizations, and will have opportunities to use sample list of resources to advance their hands-on learning for no additional cost.